Free SEO Software With No Strings Attached

Free SEO Software With No Strings Attached In business school and elsewhere, we heard, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Some professors repeated themselves like a broken record and it frankly got on everyone’s nerves. What does this saying mean? It means that there is a price on everything; nothing is free. That saying should be abolished from life because I’m hear to tell you that there are free things in life. Lots! Look at all the open source apps out there and free stock photos and music. Furthermore, what about organizations like Kickstarter and other fund-raising websites and individuals? People are giving away money to kick start new companies and businesses. Philanthropy and altruism could not be more commonplace as it is today–and this leads us to introduce a truly free software called Anchorium.

A Really Free SEO Software for Mac

Anchorium is an SEO software made by SitePenalise, an SEO company based in France and the U.S. The software is entirely free-of-charge. There is no “lite” version with an option to purchase a “full” version. there are no in-app charges, there will be no service fees, ever. Those professors mentioned above might be flipping out right now because yes, indeed: there is such a thing as a free lunch!

For now, Anchorium is in a beta-stage version but fully operational. It is a tool that helps anyone with a website monitor their inbound net linking, which is a powerful and absolutely necessary function when implementing your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). Link surveillance can be time-consuming and fairly agonizing to keep track of but if you do this using Anchorium, it will simplify this task for you. Anchorium helps you to tackle an important strategy in SEO in order to help your website become more visible to your potential and prospective readers and customers. It’s worth trying out. After all, it’s free! You will see how much it helps your SEO planning and its subsequent positive outcome from having used it.

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  • Indeed, still lots of free things in life especially when you know how to utilize, and of course how you look at things is also a factor. The Anchorium link you share is fantastic, should work well- can’t wait to try it!