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How to Better Organize Your Bathroom [7 Quick Design Tips]

It’s a bright new year and you’re ready to get organized once and for all! How? Try starting with your bathroom using these seven quick design tips.

With the chaotic year 2020 was worldwide, many people are taking 2021 by the horns and getting organized.

Quick Tips for Organizing Bathrooms

Bathroom Organization Ideas

When your house is in disarray, the disorder slowly leaks into your daily life. We’re all dealing with a post-pandemic society still trying to shift into a new normal, the more you’re organized, the easier everything else is.

One of the simplest rooms to tackle with your focus on orderly living is the bathroom. It’s the one room in the house used multiple times a day, from the time you wake up until you go to bed.

A disorganized bathroom can be a headache that bleeds into the other parts of your life. Getting your bathroom sorted out turns this stress into a seamless day, and following these design tips will get yours organized – and fast!

Purge the Clutter

Bathrooms are often the most clutter-filled room in the house. For most of us, once our closets are full, a lot of the roll-over goes to the bathroom.

But bathrooms are hot-beds of bacteria, humidity, and moisture. Not everything belongs there safely.

Two items that quickly make a bathroom a mess are make-up and medication. Ironically, these are the two things that experts recommend not to store there!

You should keep make-up at room temperature to prevent it from losing its potency and collecting harmful bacteria. With hot and cold showers, moisture, and steam, a bathroom definitely doesn’t fit the bill!

Medicine is the other no-no. Like make-up, prescriptions should also store at room temperature and away from moisture. Otherwise, they can lose their potency.

As you begin the decluttering process, start with rehoming these two major mess-makers! You might find you have a lot less clutter afterward!

Clear the Counters

The more “stuff” you have sitting randomly on your counters, the less organized the room is. Every time you walk into a messy bathroom, you get stressed.

Your brain processes everything it senses, whether you realize it or not. Visual stimuli add stress to an already overworked mind.

When you clear the counters and minimize what you keep out, you’re getting organized. At the same time, you’re improving your mental health without realizing it!

Use Organizers Under the Counter

The bathroom sink hides the plumbing and pipes. This often slices into how much storage room you have. But since manufacturers of organizing products know this, they have the solution for you!

Even if you have limited space because of the fixtures under your sink, you might benefit from organizers like.

  • Expandable shelves that wrap around the pipes.
  • Stackable sliding drawers.
  • Waterproof lazy susans.
  • Cupboard-door hair product baskets.

When you start shopping for space-saving under-the-sink storage, it’ll amaze you how many choices you have!

Get Your Shower in Order

The shower often has a lot of flat, empty space that you can maximize. Like with the area under the sink, this room is also often ignored.

But if you can get the right supplies to get you organized, you can quit knocking over bottles every time you turn around.

Make your shower tidy and efficient with these organizers.

  • An expandable wall caddy.
  • Over-the-showerhead organizers.
  • Suction-cup soap holders.
  • Mesh shower-rod organizers.
  • A side shower caddy.

Use the shower for all your toiletry items and save clutter in the rest of the bathroom.

Use Your Vertical Space

When we decorate a room, we usually focus on everything at eye-level and below. Rooms with limited space require creative thinking, like making use of vertical space, too.

The empty area over the toilet is easy to fill with a storage shelf. It doesn’t have to be a bulky standalone fixture, but those are often inexpensive and simple to put together.

If there’s a problem of limited space as an issue, you can always hang floating shelves or cupboards on the wall. Just make sure to keep them within reach for easy cleaning.

Stick With Suction Cups

An easy fix for organizing your little clutter and toiletries is to affix suction cups to your baskets.

There’s a trick to getting suction cups to stay stuck to a surface. Make sure that where you’re trying to adhere them is completely clean and dry. Keep all air bubbles out of the way, and let it sit for 24 hours before you put anything in the basket.

Store them on your mirror, shower wall, bathtub, or inside your cupboards. If suction cups aren’t strong enough, use adhesive mounting tape.

Divide Your Drawer

In a lot of bathrooms, the problem isn’t how much room is available. It’s the type of room.

You might have a good-sized drawer or medicine chest, but without dividers, everything clutters together.

The good news is that there are tons of fixes for this issue. Easily organize medicine cabinets with small storage boxes. And expandable organizers work for almost any size and shape drawer you have in the bathroom.

With so many options available today, there’s no reason for any of your drawers to become disorderly catch-alls.


It’s 2021, artificial intelligence is a regular part of the world, and we have people living in space. Manufacturers are doing everything they can to make our lives easier. You don’t have to deal with the struggles of a messy bathroom.

Don’t settle for clutter, even if it’s not on the counter. You can’t trick your brain when it knows there’s a mess under the surface!

You may not have a robot to do the work for you (yet), but you can still get organized with these seven easy tips!

Author bio: Janey Ha, Business Manager at Mariposa on 3rd, has over eight years of experience in property management. She has a strong background in hospitality and is a local to the Koreatown/DTLA market. Mariposa on 3rd is a stylishly designed boutique apartment community at the threshold of LA’s budding metropolis, located within the hip neighborhood of Koreatown while just moments from DTLA.

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