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Top Ways To Make Money As A Blogger

If you’re thinking of making money online, the world is your oyster. Plenty of companies have gone online now, leading remote teams. Ecommerce businesses work with certified drop shippers to create a viable business model online, and web design companies have staff all over the world.

How to Make Money Blogging In 2018

How to make money from blogging

And individuals, too, as Instagram influencers and online teachers, can make a living from their bedroom or a beachside hammock in Bali.

Lately, you’ve been thinking of the possibility of blogging, and of making an income from that. And sure, there are lots of bloggers out there, but you have something to say and know you can make money from it.

But you aren’t sure what route you want to go when it comes to running your new blogging business. Luckily, there are some great ways to make money once you’ve attracted an audience–and here’s how.

1] Use advertisements

The most common way that bloggers make money is by placing ads alongside the content their readers are perusing. But did you know that there are a variety of ads you can work with? According to The Blogging Brunch, these ad types include: pay per click ads, CPM advertising, pay per action ads, and personal sale ads.

Depending on what the content of your blog is and what your readers are most likely to interact with, some of these will work better for you than others.

Pay per click ads are exactly what they sound like: every time a reader clicks on them, you make a little bit of money. CPM, on the other hand, means cost per thousand impressions–so if you do the math, that means that this is a great ad for a blogger who’s already gained a bit of a following. Pay-per-action ads are those in which a reader does something once they’ve seen the ad.


For example, buying a product or service. If you’re offering very technical advice on how to fix a kitchen sink, for example, and there’s a product you swear by that everyone needs to use during the process, you’re likely to get some money from this ad.

If you’re a travel blogger recommending hostels, this is less likely, as chances are your reader will do some more shopping around. Finally, there are personal sale ads, when people will pay you to advertise their ads.

Once your blog is popular enough, people in your industry might reach out–so don’t forget to include contact information in your “about me” page!

75 percent of B2B marketers are more likely to use blogs in their social media, which goes to show that there is a buck to be made in this industry.

2] If you’re an expert, offer a service

Another way to make money is a blogger is by selling services to your readers. If you’re an expert in something–for example, becoming a digital nomad–then chances are your readers will want your advice.

Many people will start reading blog posts like “Top Productivity Tips for Digital Nomads” and “The Best Cities for Digital Nomads” once they’ve started considering that actual lifestyle. And you can be an expert in many different niche subjects, from providing tax advice to giving fashion tips to teenagers.

For this very reason, many companies have blogs that they use to attract clients interested in their product or service. They’re also highly active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so if you want to become a “name” in the industry, start connecting now.

Don’t forget to change your Instagram account to an Instagram for Business account. This will get you noticed more, and allow you to provide interested customers with direct contact info like your email address and phone number.

Giving away a free ebook or some other kind of free content isn’t a bad idea either. You’re already a great writer, and this proves that you know your stuff. Ask customers for their email in exchange for the free ebook, and you’ll have a subscriber, which makes them more likely to use your services.

Considering that the number of bloggers in the world is expected to reach 31.7 million in 2020, providing additional free materials will make you stand out from the competition.

3] Sell your writing skills

Finally, you should always have your rates up on your website for writing and editing services. After all, you’re already blogging. If your blog is good enough, someone might want to hire you. Having a strong writing voice and a large following is proof that you know what you’re doing.

Sell your writing skills

Considering that content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, you’re sure to get hired.

These are some of the best ways to make money as a blogger. What other strategies do you think would work in your corner of the blogging industry?

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