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Why In the Era of Mobile Apps Is Still Worth Creating Web Applications?

Mobile apps are very popular these days. Most people has their own favorite apps on their mobile phones. Mobile apps work fast and users can access them off-line.

Worth Creating Web Applications

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However Web-based applications also has a supporters because Web application offer a range of business advantages.

1] What is exactly a Web application?

The Web application is an application that users can easily access from any computer connected to the Internet, just only using a browser. It is important to know that Web application uses a website as an interface.

For another point of view, the user doesn’t need to install any additional software to use an application. The most popular Web applications are Gmail, Spotify, Slack, and even a YouTube in some part is a web application.

2] What are the benefits of Web applications?

A lot of people use a mobile phone but still, computer gives a better experience. Most of all it is easier to do some things on the computer instead of on a mobile phone.

For example, it is simple to write back for an email from a mobile phone but it is not so simple to make an order in online shop from a mobile phone. There always will be some things that users will be doing on the computer like shopping.

3] Cost effective development

The most important reason why people decide to create a web application is that it is cheaper than making a mobile app. Users access the Web applications just using the web browser.

That is why the user interaction with the application needs to be tested on different web browsers, but the application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system.

What’s more, it’s easier to find a reliable company producing web applications. We can use php development outsourcing so that we can optimize costs.

4] Accessible for a range of devices

It is not like that a web application can be access only from the computer. It is a big advantage because this system can be accessed from any devices that are connected to the Internet like mobile phones and tablets. Developers are creating a multi-platform that web app work on every device.

Web application (Web app)

5] Easily customisable

Web applications are still worth creating because it is easier to grow them as you grow. Mobile apps need to be compatible with mobile phones systems for example with the Android or IOS.

There are mobile apps that work only on Android or only on IOS. If you decide to create a Web application you won’t have to worry about mobile systems version.

At that point, it is very important to remember that not all functionalities can be efficiently transferred to the mobile application.

The last but huge advantage of Web applications is that It is not hard to update the look and feel of this kind of software or to customize the presentation of information.

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