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Use These 4 Incredibly Easy Web Designs To Increase Conversions

Any long-time website owner will know that having a great design is only half the battle… the other half is having a functional page that draws in visitors and keeps them there.

Easy Web Designs To Increase Conversions

In the world of websites, it’s imperative that you include the right design elements to help your site increase conversions. Thankfully, there’s a lot that’s very effective but very simple to implement, even by novice web designers.

1] Choose the perfect colors

Selecting the right colors for your website is a bit like choosing colors for your bedroom walls. It’s all about picking colors that match the mood of your website and inspire the corresponding emotions. For example, green works well for food establishments as it signifies freshness.

Black-and-white looks sleek and cool for a fashion website. Blue is great for business sites, as it’s a strong, trustworthy color. Red also is perfect for sites aimed at kids and young people, as it has a playful and bright look.

It’s not as simple as selecting colors that you believe look good, but thinking about the color scheme overall, as well as the background, the font, and any borders.

Once you consider what your website is about, it’s easier to choose the color theme and pick contrasting tones for special buttons like call-to-action and landing pages, making them more prominent.

2] Don’t sleep on typography

Thought colors were the only way to entice visitors by catching their eye? Think again. Marketing companies could spend days thinking of which font is the best for their campaigns, but while you don’t have to take this amount of time, it’s worth considering just how much typography affects website users.

Pick a font that matches your website ethos, and mix up the use of upper-case and lower-case letters in order to keep visitors intrigued. These fonts were considered some of the best for websites.

3] Make use of negative space

Sometimes called white space, negative space is basically the parts of your website which don’t actually contain anything. Look at the way some website templates follow the “less is more” tactic and knock it out of the park.

This use of space is easier on the eye, as it helps visitors discern certain images, words, and call-to-actions. Too much clutter, and the human eye won’t be able to focus on something so easily.

It might be tempting to include as much content as possible, but this is actually doing your website a disservice. Learn more here about making websites that influence decisions.

4] Work with the “F” pattern

While the “F” pattern might have only been named in recent years, the concept has existed for centuries. This is because of the way people read:from left to right, top to bottom.

This means the most important information should be included in an F shape. Call-to-actions usually appear at the top-left of the screen, as that’s where our eyes are naturally drawn to first.

Thinking about all these website design tips isn’t so complicated once you realize you just have to consider reading habits and make the visiting experience as beautiful, seamless and simple as possible. Do all that, and the conversions are sure to follow.

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