Several Alternatives for the Fabrication of Rubber Custom Stamps

The production of rubber custom stamps and self-inking stamps requires a specialized manufacturing technique called “rubber stamp producing.”

Stamps made of rubber can be manufactured in a limited number of various ways.

Fabrication of Rubber Custom Stamps Alternatives

Fabrication of Rubber Custom Stamps

The following categories represent the most common procedures:

Engraving the rubber with a CO2 laser using a laser engraver is a method that is incredibly exact and accurate, as well as significantly speedier.

A graphics application similar to Corel Draw is used in the design process for the stamp.

After that, the design is sent to the laser, which is connected to the computer using a USB interface.

Stamp-producing rubber is typically cut from sheets that are A4 in size, and these sheets are placed in a laser tuned to the appropriate thickness for the rubber.

The laser operates similarly to a printer and is connected to the computer. It engraves and cuts the stamp, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a stamp explicitly designed for you.

After the stamp has been cut out, the rubber, which has been covered in rubber dust from the process of cutting and engraving, is then washed and cleaned. After that, it is affixed to the handle of the self-inking stamp, which features a sticky piece of foam on which the rubber may be mounted. After the ink pad has been positioned correctly inside the stamp, the device is now prepared for usage. The good thing is that you can buy this kind of product from online stores like Zen Engravings.

This would endure for a good number of years, and the only component that would eventually need to be replaced is the ink pad.

Polymer rubber stamp manufacturing.

Once you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, creating a polymer stamp is a relatively simple procedure. In this method, you put photopolymer is a liquid polymer that is reactive to UV light and will harden when exposed to it.

It is possible to create a negative that, when exposed to UV light, will let the light pass through in the areas of the stamp that are intended to display the image of the stamp. After the negative and the polymer have been exposed, the excess polymer has been washed off, and what’s left is your personalized rubber stamp.

Instantaneous Postage Stamps

The creation of a unique stamp may be accomplished in a short amount of time using this method.

In this photographic method, the stamp must be made with flash foam, a photosensitive form of rubber. This method is used to create the stamp. The image of the custom-made stamp is transferred onto the flash foam, which is porous and absorbs ink.


After that, ink is added to the flash foam unit, and after that is done, the flash foam unit will have absorbed all of the ink. The handle has been fixed onto the inked foam that has the artwork on it. After that, you may begin using the stamp, and it will produce hundreds of impressions before requiring more ink to be added to it.

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