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SoundCloud: An Amazing Music Audio App You Must Have

Welcome Folks, we are back with one of the interesting post on SoundCloud, it is the basic guide using soundcloud. With this free guide on soundcloud you will learn many tips and tricks for using sound cloud. It will include in : Tips for soundcloud, how to upload a song in soundcloud. 😀 do read below to find out about  SoundCloud: An Amazing Music & Audio App Must Have. have a nice day and read below. 😉

SoundCloud : Here the World’s Sound

  • Genre Tagging : SoundCloud always ask you to select your first genre tag carefully because of the valueless tagging by the users who you might be following to get updated about songs. You can select genre in the list of genres in their Explore Section as this is will increase the chances to get the songs of same genre.
  • Track Description : After the upload of song and selecting a title and tags for your song, the track description is the next big thing which will help you to increase the search visibility. Always try to include the name’s of the musician, supporting DJ’s and any relevant information which you like to add. You should update the description of your song on the release day if you have posted a clip of the release of song.
  • Provide Buy Links To Users : You can add Buy Links in the meta description and make sure that you add you add pre-order option in the meta description if you have added any release clips before released day, i mean something like teasers.
Provide Buy Links

Provide Buy Links To Users

## : Only if you’re a pro user then you’re able to add Buy Links option in the meta description. Moreover, you can also hyperlink you song name with the landing page of the buyer’s portal where he has to pay for the song.

  • Add Your Tracks To Groups : Adding track to the groups in SoundCloud was already introduced and before it was the main way of promoting songs in soundcloud. You can add your songs to the relevant groups using the search option and to get a boost to your song you can share your clips of the songs before release date to get direct profit in one day of releasing just by sharing the Tracks in that groups again.

## : You can only share your tracks in 75 Groups. Which i guess is sufficient to get 1000s of download.

How To Upload A Song In SoundCloud.

Its an easy procedure to upload songs in soundcloud, to upload your song you can follow are steps present below. 😀

  • First of all, open SoundCloud on web and select upload option or directly click here to visit there upload section but remember to upload a song you need to sing-ed in.
Upload the Songs In SoundCloud

Upload Songs In SoundCloud

  • Once you have opened the page then you will need to click on upload and it will ask you to select the sound track which you want to upload and share with the world.
  • After you have finished uploading the song then it ask you for Title, Tags and Meta Description. You can follow our above guide to get what’s best for you while uploading a song on soundcloud.
  • Hell Yeah! That’s It. 😀


Above we have shared of the tips regarding SoundCloud: An Amazing Music Audio App You Must Have which you read once if you love to you soundcloud to share your songs. Sharing and commenting is appreciated.

Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. 😀

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