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How to Improve Keyword Rankings In Google?

How to Improve Keyword Rankings In Google? is the question mostly asked by every blogger, so today we thought to write a good and valuable content on it which will help you to learn in improving keyword rankings in google. Today we will discuss many things in regards of On Page and Off Page SEO Both and highlight the main point required for ranking in google. Its easy improving keyword rankings but remember before proceeding you should know the basics of SEO, because we will start from mistakes you make in basic SEO while optimizing your blog posts.

Tips to Increase Keyword Ranking

Before proceeding i would like to let you all know that we will discuss both, On and Off Page SEO which would truly help you to increase rankings in google.

How to Improve Rankings In Google?

We would start with On Page SEO and end up with Off Page, hope you all will love and enjoy while reading the article. 😉

On Page SEO Tips

  • Optimize Your Blog Post Title : Blog post title is the thing which you should consider about because this is the only thing which attracts Bloggers and readers to visit your site, if you have a attractive title and ranking on 5 position then you might get more clicks then that of the person who is ranking same keyword on 2 position.

## Tip : Try to use a SEO free title, keep your title under 40 to 72 characters most of the time while selecting an blog post title.

  • Insert Keywords Properly : Inserting keywords in your blog post is also a good ranking factor, if you stuff keywords properly in your blog post then search engine would consider your site to help in ranking better.
On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization Techniques

## Tip : Always stuff keywords in a manner that search engines cannot catch because once they find you’re stuffing keywords forcefully then they might de-index your blog from their index.

  • Internal and External Links : Internal and External Links helps a lot to boost search engines rankings. You should always interlink 2 or 3 related post in your articles and make sure that those links would be dofollow. Now it comes to External Links, while giving external links always remember to make them nofollow before publishing your blog post.

## Tip : Internal Links = REL=”DOFOLLOW” and External Links = REL=”NOFOLLOW”.

Off Page SEO Tricks To Improve Keyword Rankings In Google And Other Search Engines.

  • Guest Blogging : Guest blogging is a great way to increase search engine ranking of a specific keyword because guest blogging helps you get a in-content link which means a contextual link which matters a lot in terms of google and other search engines in 2015 after the change of algorithms in 2014.
  • Blog Commenting : Blog commenting is a great way increasing keyword rank in google, you should comment on blogs enabled with CommentLuv to get a dofollow backlink to your post which will be helpful to improve keyword rankings in google.
Off-Page-Optimization Tips

Off Page Optimization Techniques

  • Social Sharing : Social sharing is also a great factor in increasing keyword ranks in google. The more number of social sharing you get your referral traffic increases in turn which means even more authority and higher rankings in google and other search engines.

Social Bookmarking Sites List


Above I mentioned some On Page and Off Page SEO tips required to improve keyword rankings in google and search engines. Hope you all will enjoy reading the article and tips provided here. Sharing and commenting on the post is appreciated.

Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. 😀

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