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How to Improve Or Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

CBD is the wellness supplement of the moment, boasting an array of incredible therapeutic properties. It’s renowned for its calming effects and can help manage stress, reduce pain, improve mood, and more.

Perhaps what’s most appealing about CBD is that it’s natural and has a good safety profile, with few side effects. It’s an excellent alternative to many prescription medications – some of which can be addictive and accompanied by adverse effects.

CBD is available in many forms, tinctures being especially popular. CBD was first introduced to the market as an oil, making it the flagship product. But in recent years, the market has expanded rapidly, with an array of innovative products hitting the shelves.

How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

However, CBD oil is still a popular choice because it offers a degree of flexibility and versatility not found in other products.

The downside is that many people are turned off by CBD oil’s strong taste and texture. Fortunately, though, there are a few ways to mask the taste of CBD oil and make it taste better.

Why Choose CBD Oil Over Other CBD Products?

Many people who don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil opt for alternatives like capsules or gummies. However, some still prefer CBD oil because it’s more versatile and is available in a much larger range of strengths.

For instance, you can buy CBD oil in strengths ranging from 300mg up to 6,000mg. Moreover, you can easily alter your dosage depending on your needs. While gummies and capsules contain a premeasured dose of CBD, users have the flexibility to measure their daily dose of CBD oil.

While it can be tricky to work out the dose initially, it’s a great way to mix things up. For example, if you’re having an especially stressful day, you may opt to increase your dosage.

CBD oil can also be used in several ways, including sublingually (placing drops under the tongue) or added to foods or beverages. Many add a few drops of oil to smoothies, teas, or coffees.

How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

Although CBD oil is available in many delicious flavors, it still tends to have a bitter, hempy undertone. Natural flavoring usually doesn’t mask the taste of high-quality CBD oil entirely.

Here are our top tips for improving the taste of CBD oil.

Keep a Chaser on Hand

First, an obvious tip; keep a chaser nearby to wash away the taste as soon as you’re done taking the oil. Although water can help, it may take a few swigs to dispel the flavor completely. Instead, opt for something acidic, like orange juice or a natural energy drink, which can help get rid of the taste almost immediately.

Also, rather than mixing the chaser in your mouth with the oil, hold and swallow the oil and then wash it away with the chaser. For optimal results, CBD oil must be taken sublingually, which entails holding the drops under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. This practice increases bioavailability, meaning more of the active compounds make their way into your system.

Eat a Little Peanut Butter

Rather than using a drink as a chaser, you could eat a bit of peanut butter before and after taking the CBD oil. The sweet, nutty taste will help mask the CBD taste as you hold the oil under your tongue. Yogurt is also a good option because its sour notes can help eliminate hemp’s earthiness.

Drop Something Sweet Under Your Tongue

To benefit from the increased bioavailability of sublingual administration while masking the taste of CBD oil, add something sweet under your tongue.

Honey is an excellent choice as it’s a natural sweetener and can detract from the earthy flavor of hemp. Organic chocolate and fruity gummies may also disguise the natural hemp taste.

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth just before administering CBD oil under the tongue is one of the most effective ways to mask the taste. The minty flavor of toothpaste helps distract taste buds from the earthy taste of the oil.

Mixing CBD Oil into Foods and Beverages

Finally, you can add CBD oil to drinks like tea, coffee, and smoothies or drizzle it over salads or other snacks. However, this is not ideal because it prevents sublingual administration.

When taken orally rather than sublingually, the CBD has to travel through the digestive system, greatly reducing the amount of CBD absorbed into your system.

Final Thoughts

There are a few advantages of using CBD oil over other CBD products, but the hempy undertone is often off-putting.

By masking the taste of CBD oil, you can benefit from sublingual administration while making the practice of taking CBD oil more enjoyable. A chaser on hand, whether a drink or food, is a great option, while adding something sweet under your tongue and brushing your teeth can also be helpful.

Ideally, you shouldn’t mix your CBD oil into foods and beverages because it reduces its bioavailability, which means the oil is less effective. However, if this is the only enjoyable way for you to use CBD oil, go ahead. You may need to use larger doses to achieve the same effectiveness as taking it sublingually.

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