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6 Ways to Enhance Website Design to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales In Chicago

Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in the US, with a population of around 3 million people. Being a thriving city with 87.9% of households having a computer and 78.8% of households having a broadband internet connection, an increasing number of people are shopping online and browsing the internet for information.

Ways to Enhance Website Design

So, if you are in Chicago looking forward to sustaining your ecommerce business online, you must hire a Chicago web design company.

With their expertise and experience, the team can design your business website to attract customers and build your brand reputation. Here are six ways to enhance website design to boost your e-commerce sales in Chicago.

Improve Your Website Loading Speed

According to statistics, a web page that loads within 2 seconds has a mere 9% of bounce rate, while that figure goes up to 38% if the load time increases to 5 seconds. Website visitors in Chicago hate waiting for the web pages to load. Websites that load slowly have to bear a loss of as much as $2.6 billion every year.

A clean, straightforward website can load quickly, but it may take longer if there are so many photos, videos, and graphics. The trick is to make minimal use of graphic elements and place design elements smartly to make an impact without compromising speed.

Minimize the size of your photo files and create a right balance between white and colored space. Let your web designer know that loading speed is your topmost priority and let them find the best way out.

Keep Existing Customers Enticed

Whether you are an apparel or accessories retail ecommerce business in Chicago, it’s better to pay equal attention to your existing customer base than merely focusing on acquiring new customers.

Getting repeat sales from customers who already purchased from you can be more manageable. For this, stay connected with them through ads and emails, serve them well, and give them good customer service.

When they click on your ads and land your website, it should give them something new and attractive every time. An eye-catching web design will stay fresh in your customers’ minds. Apart from that, provide valuable offers to your repeat customers, so that they keep flocking around to get the deal.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Home to 36 Fortune 500 companies, Chicago serves as a center for the transportation and distribution industry. Food processing, insurance, publishing, printing, manufacturing, and financial trading also play essential roles in making the city’s economy.

Over the last decade, the number of small satellite distribution centers has reduced in the industrial market of Chicago, and major regional hubs have replaced them.

According to a survey, 63% of residents in Chicago accessed the internet on their smartphone in 2013. The number is estimated to be much higher at present. So, you need a website that users can access from their smartphone without any problem.

A website with a responsive design can be accessible on screens of different sizes. A responsive website not only adjusts to various screens, but it is also intuitive and easily navigable.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Toronto SEO Services suggest that 75% of visitors feel assured of your business’s credibility only by looking at its design. First impressions are made with your landing pages only, and a poor web design gives an image that you are incredible and scam.

The landing pages of your website should be focused on a call to action, and it should have a practical design to convert any visitors into a customer. Feature your marketing offers on your landing pages and target them at your specific local audience.

The page that your visitors reach should cater to their particular needs. There should be no distractions, the call to action should be clear, and it should make it easy for the visitors to complete the transaction smoothly.

Highlight Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are the social proof of your Chicago business’s credibility and customer service. According to BrightLocal, 93% of customers read local business reviews to determine their reputation and quality.

So, whether you are in Chicago or any other place, highlighting positive ones on your web pages can play a crucial role in boosting your e-commerce sales.

The reviews you post should give confidence in trying your service to your new customers. Place them at prominent spots of your web pages so that they are easy to find and do not overshadow your CTA. Learning real customers’ experiences can build trust and boost your reputation.

Chicago is becoming a hub for ecommerce infrastructure with several dominant players in the market. Amid the tough competition, it’s critical to sustain your business with a strong online presence.

So, hire a reputed Chicago web design company that can create a website with all the features mentioned above.

Work with your designer to ensure that your website is fast loading with compelling design and useful landing pages. Incorporate these strategies into your website and see a boost in your e-commerce sales.

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