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7 Things You Need to Check Before Buying A Used iPhone

Buying an iPhone could be a dream come true for many since it is known as one of the most expensive phones in the market. You would find many variants of iPhones according to price. But considering its high price most people tend to skip the brand-new model and end up buying the used one.

Used mobile may not give you the same emotional feeling of getting the new phone. It can certainly be a great option if you cannot afford to buy it. You can easily buy these used iPhones at an online mobile store.

Check Before Buying A Used iPhone

There is no harm in buying a used phone but there are a few things which you need to keep in mind while making the decision. Here are those tips. Let’s go through it.

Check for Activation Lock

Every iPhone comes with an activation lock. This lock is generally used for theft protection. While buying the used iPhone make sure the activation lock has been disabled. Once you get the phone in hand then you can set up the profile on it by signing up.

You can visit the settings option for the same. If your phone has a previous owner’s Apple ID access then make sure you contact them at the earliest to remove the access from the device.

Check for Original Receipt

To confirm the authenticity of the device, make sure you ask for the original receipt from the seller as proof of its purchase. Original receipts are available whether it is an individual or any website. Getting a receipt or valid purchase proof will help you to extend the warranty.

Check for Battery Health

Apple has launched a new feature where you can check the battery health of your phone as per the iOS 11.3 update. This facility is available for only models 6 and above. If you are buying a new phone then you will be able to see the battery health indicator as to the maximum which is 100 percent.

Over time this percentage reduces which indicates battery health. If there is any change in the battery health indicator then you would receive certain SMS such as Your battery’s health is significantly degraded. An apple authorized service provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity.

One can use the phone with this error message but the capacity of the battery would be less. Hence make sure to check the battery health indicator. If you see the low indicator then do not purchase that phone.

Check for Retail Box with Accessories

A Box and the accessories are the identities of an iPhone. It shows its authenticity. Hence even when you are buying the used phone make sure you ask for the retail box.

Also ask for accessories such as lightning cable, power adapter, EarPods and lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter if you are buying iPhone 7 and above.

Check for Warranty

Warranty is one of the important checks that you can do while getting the used iPhone. Your seller might have told you that the phone is relatively new and it is under warranty. But there is one more way through which you can check about the warranty of the phone.

Head over to the apple website and enter the serial number of your device to check if the phone is still under warranty. You would get this option under the Check coverage tab on the website. You will get the status immediately.

Check for Water Damage

You have already checked about the warranty and you are glad that the phone is under warranty so that you can approach the company for any kind of defect. But do you know that if there is water damage to your phone it won’t be covered under warranty?

Generally, all apple phones have inbuilt liquid contact indicators which makes it easier to check the water damage. If you are buying an iPhone 5 and above then make sure you check the sim card slot. If you see any red spot once you remove the sim tray then do not buy that phone as it has a water damage issue.

Check for Hardware

Last but not least make sure you check the basic hardware as well before buying the used phone. Make sure there is no dent or crack on the corners or sides of the phone. The screen of the phone should be scratch-free and contains no dead pixels. If you are buying iPhone 6 and above then make sure to check the 3D touch as well.

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