A Better Way to Prepare for the PMP Exam Online!

A tremendous effort, diligence, and time are required to study for an exam. The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is difficult than others. It needs extensive preparation over months to pass. In simple words, your preparation for the PMP Exam Online is critical!

Prepare for the PMP Exam Online

There are lots of elements to grab in the field of Project Management. You are required to master the practical applications of that data. If you one of those who are already well-established in your career, it may have been years you have touched the books or study material. In this case, your study skills may be a little tarnished.

It is where you need to look for a better way to prepare for the PMP exam online or offline study material.

Top Six PMP Exam Tips

1] Prefer a Good PMP Prep Book

Look for the top authors where you can get useful information to prepare for the exam. The PMP certification exam is full of tough questions that test your ability and knowledge to execute your learning in real-life surroundings.

Preparing for the exam could take up a significant amount of your time, along with a great deal of commitment. Excellent study material will help you what to study and which important topics you should cover.

For example, the challenge you might face is dealing with the tools, inputs, outputs, and techniques of each procedure. Many study resources suggest that PMP aspirants work on the basics initially. It will help you discover the connections between the processes and understand them better.

You don’t need to remember the inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs that will lessen the time required to study for questions based on these topics.

2] Overcome the PMBOK Guide

PMBOK guide is a great advantage to your preparation as it is primarily used to make the PMP exam. Firstly, plan to study one educational area of the PMBOK guide every week. Start with the guide itself and then start with other study material. It will help you enhance your learning of each topic.

Stepping ahead, categorize the knowledge areas of the PMBOK Guide, and study one process every day. It will help you prepare a clear plan for regularly and weekly study milestones.

Memorizing everything is not enough. Your efforts are required to understand the concepts thoroughly and study with concentration with no distraction.

It is critical as the PMP exam questions will disclose how well you can apply these ideas, principles, and concepts. Many questions, such as situational descriptions, contain ample information for you to get the best answer.

Don’t forget to take mini breaks while studying the PMBOK guide.

3] Opt for Online PMP Learning and Exam Preparation Course

Several PMP online courses are available online. These online training courses are quite less expensive than in-person workshops. Select the option that suits your study style. Do plenty of research before you commit to one online PMP program for exam preparation.

4] Attend Workshops and Seminars

Practical knowledge is vital for the PMP exam. It would be good if you prefer to attend the workshops or seminars on PMP. You might get the best formula to study PMP in brief. Moreover, you may meet some of the aspiring project management professionals from whom you can ask your queries and get many tips to prepare for the exam.

5] Keep in Mind the Flashcards

Electronic flashcards or paper are a portable, tried-and-true, and cost-effective way of studying for the PMPO examination. Downloadable flashcards can be flipped through on a laptop or computer or your Smartphone or can be printed. Developing flashcards on your own can also be enormously helpful during your preparation.

6] Participate in Discussion Forums and Study Groups

Both study groups and discussion forums can efficiently help you prepare for your PMP exam. As an active participant in discussion forums and study groups, you can help others clear the exam, get your own concerns queries and addresses answered. Know more about several useful resources and magnificently reduce the time needed for the exam preparation.

PMP Certification Online

What Should You Expect from the Questions Asked?

One you study from the PMBOK guide, your next important step is the most significant activity that will be diving into the practice questions.

The exam consists of 200 objective-type questions along with complex situation questions, formula-based questions, interpretive questions, knowledge-based questions, and short situational questions. The practice test for PMP will help you understand how to answer every question correctly.

The situational questions will test your skills to recognize the relevant content and neglect the irrelevant. These lead to be lengthy. So, it is crucial to read each question many times so you can easily make out the relevant information and leave out the immaterial data before answering.

The formula-based questions are about beyond calculating an earned value or a median. There are about 70 PMP formulas that you should know which range from simple estimations to depreciation and probabilities. Your calculations and formulas will require being right for you to achieve the required scores.

On the other hand, the knowledge-based questions will test you based on the facts, generally, those found in the PMBOK Guide. Infrequently, you might be asked where procedures belong in the knowledge field, or in which phases the techniques, tools, outputs, or inputs belong.

At times you may be asked to recognize a chart or graph including RACI chart or Pareto chart, which is also called a responsibility assignment matrix.

Well, talking about the interpretational questions will test your ability according to the situation or a condition. You are required to attempt answers for specific technique questions. For instance, you will be asked to look at a network diagram and recognize the available elements in it, such as a backward pass or forward pass.

PMP exam is all about your ability and experience. How you take a particular thing in mind and how you handle the situation will help you score in the PMP exam online.

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