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Tips To Move In Summer Heat

Most people choose to move during summer time when there is hot outside to save themselves from the problems of winters. But doing all the hard work of the moving process in the hot weather in the direct sunlight is not an easy task at all.

Summer Moving Tips

Even though whether you are moving by yourself with the assistance of your friends or family members or whether you are willing to review and compare movers to do the task, in both cases, you should have a few ideas to combat the summer heat and to stay cool during the entire process.

Check out these tips which will help you.

Start moving early

To avoid the heat of the afternoon period, you should start moving your belongings early in the morning. It is well-known fact that UV rays of the sun are strongest from the time of 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. So, try to avoid moving at this time. Early mornings are much cooler and best to move your bulky stuff to another place.

Therefore, try to set the moving schedule with your movers in the early morning. This also allows you to have additional hours in a day to work so you can easily complete the entire moving process.

Wear sunscreen and lightweight clothing

When moving in summers, you should wear lightweights, breathable and loose fabric, such as linen or cotton. In summer, one tends to sweat easily and these fabrics easily absorb the sweat and moisture from the body, which helps you to remain dry for the entire day. You should also go for light colors such as white or any other neutral color when moving in summers.

The light color fabric helps one to stay cool when moving heavy stuff. Do not go out without wearing sunscreen, a hat, and glasses, to protect your skin, head as well as eyes from the sun’s high ultraviolet rays. You should also apply the sunscreen lotion to your body so that the direct sunlight does not affect your skin.

Stay hydrated

Make sure that you and your movers stay hydrated for the whole moving day especially, when relocating in the summer season. When you or your movers are involved in lifting heavy stuff, then it causes more sweating, which in last leads to a drop in the level of water in the body.

Therefore, to replenish the sufficient water level in the body, one must drink enough amount of water. Intake of water helps to keep your as well your mover’s body cool during the move. Also, have snacks frequently so that you do not lose your appetite.

Wear appropriate footwear

Protective and comfortable footwear is important when moving items to keep yourself safe. You should wear sports shoes for moving large and heavy items, as these shoes cover your entire foot and also, protects it from any injury. Wearing sneakers are comfortable when reallocating on a hot day.

Get portable fans and cold towels

One can easily get portable fans from the market. You can also get portable fans which are operated by batteries as these are less expensive and are best to use when there is no electricity. When loading or unloading the truck outside the house, you can place these portable fans at the spot and can protect yourself from the burning sun.

Another way to keep you and your movers cool is to have cold towels on hand. Damp the towel in cold water and use them to keep yourself cool for the entire moving day.

Look for overheating symptoms

When shifting stuff in the summer season, you and your movers will have to work at a high temperature. It might be possible that you as well as your movers may get heat-related illnesses due to exposure of the body to the high temperature.

You must be aware of the symptoms of heat-related illness, so that if anyone experiences such symptoms, then you can help them by taking them into an air-conditioned room. The symptoms may include, headaches, cramp in muscles, tiredness, fainting, weakness or seizure, etc.

Mark the heat-sensitive boxes

There may be some items, such as, artworks, electronic appliances or computer parts, etc., in your house which are sensitive to the heat. These items can’t be placed in hot moving trucks for hours.

Make sure to properly pack these items in a separate box and mark them, so that you can easily recognize these items. Do not leave these boxes in the sun for long and try to take them to the air-conditioned house as soon as possible.


Yes, moving during the hot summer days is not an easy task but if you use all the above moving tips and tricks then you can easily make the process smoother and could beat the heat of the summer and can stay cool. Also, get the help of the moving professionals to make the entire process easier and efficient.

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