Family Vacation Ideas During Corona

It’s incredibly difficult to plan a safe, fun adventure for your family during a pandemic. Everywhere you go, the possibilities for fun are limited by social distancing and mask regulations.

Vacation Ideas During Covid (All Socially Distanced)

Family Vacation Ideas During Corona

If you’re trying to find something to do for your next vacation that will let your kids have freedom from restrictions, while still having a great time, this list will help you to come up with an idea.

Travel By Boat

A great way to enjoy an escape from day to day life without getting on a plane is to travel by boat. Whether you get a pontoon for Labor Day weekend or book an Eastern Caribbean cruise, getting out on the water is a way for the whole family to have fun and forget their worries.

If you want to go all out, you can get your boating license and take your family on a day long excursion, full of water activities and beautiful new scenery. A cruise can be fun for kids, and can take you to new ports where you can explore the local culture without having to find lodging for the night.

Book an Airbnb

A great idea for a getaway that will be both safe and affordable could be finding an Airbnb or Virbo home to stay at for a weekend. You could choose to stay in a nearby city and explore the local cuisine and nightlife, or find a cabin near a national park as a nature retreat.

Hot tubs, king-sized beds, and beautiful views are all possible without having to book an expensive resort, plus the owners will frequently give tips for where to go for food, fun, and more.

Pack your own food or plan to get takeout from restaurants nearby, and bring puzzles and board games in case of rainy days. Whatever you choose, vacationing in another person’s home will give you the benefits of a stay-cation with all the thrills of travel.

Take the Car

With kids, taking a road trip can be the opposite of a vacation, but with a little planning it can be a lot of fun. Make sure to pack a lot of snacks, a great playlist, and some fun family movies, and your kids will soon love their vacation on wheels.

Plan some games to play that will involve everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, and your family will bond in no time. Stop at scenic locations along the way, and take plenty of pictures to make scrapbooks later on. Planning  Whatever your final destination is, the trip there will be everyone’s favorite part of the journey.

Go Camping

Pitching tents, finding kindling for a fire, and making s’mores are all elements of a wholesome childhood experience. Taking your family camping will help teach your kids valuable life skills, from surviving in nature to being less reliant on technology for entertainment.

Sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sunrise will give you the break you need from civilization, and you’ll be grateful for the shower once you get back home again.

Camping can get boring, especially with children, so make sure to plan hiking excursions and fireside games to keep everyone engaged during your trip.

You can rent a RV, which can help avoid the backaches that can come from sleeping on the ground, or go old-school with tents and sleeping bags. Whatever your camping trip looks like, it’ll be a great learning experience for the whole family, and you can go back again and again.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you and your family will spend quality time together, making new memories in spite of the circumstances. Your kids will be grateful that you took the time to plan, whether you take them on a luxurious cruise or a bohemian road trip, and they’ll be begging you to go back again in no time.

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