How Does the Service Desk Measure Customer Satisfaction: Things You Need to Know

In today’s market, businesses cannot afford to lag when it comes to customer service. Customer trust is easily broken, and one mistake might send your client straight to your competitors.

It’s for this reason that large companies place so much emphasis on the customer satisfaction index and assessing client loyalty. If your business isn’t doing the same, you might be in for some nasty surprises.

Customer satisfaction

The next question is how to measure this metric. In this article, we’ll focus on different ways to calculate the customer satisfaction score, with a particular focus on frontline service personnel. We’ll answer the question, “How does the service desk measure customer satisfaction?”

How Does the Service Desk Measure Customer Satisfaction?

According to PWC, 73% of consumers rate experience as more important than price or product quality. Customer satisfaction is a more subjective than quantitative metric. This information may lead you to wonder, “How do you measure a feeling?”

There are several good answers to that question. Before we go through them, however, we must understand why this metric is so crucial.

Why Customer Satisfaction is a Top Priority

Measuring customer satisfaction is a top priority for many businesses. It’s easy to understand why. According to industry analyst Esteban Kolsky, 72% of satisfied customers tell six or more people about their experience. That’s the type of advertising that’s hard to beat.

Conversely, a poor experience prompts 13% of people to tell fifteen or more people. With such numbers, it’s clear why customer satisfaction is essential.

The Customer Satisfaction Score and Other Tools

To get an accurate read, you should use a selection of tools.

  • Customer Satisfaction Score: This is a popular measurement where companies ask clients if they’re happy with the product or service.
  • Net Promoter Score: A simple way to measure this is to ask clients how likely they are to promote your business. Detractors fall on the lower end of the scale, and promoters fall on the higher end. Subtract the number of detractors from promoters to find your NPS.
  • Churn Rate: The churn rate measures the number of clients that stop using your product or services. This measurement is useful because not all clients will complete a survey.
  • SMS: These are quick surveys sent after a customer interaction. Their effectiveness is debatable because many clients see them as an annoyance.
  • Customer Effort Score: A large part of client satisfaction centers on perceived effort. The CES gauges how easy the client felt it was to solve their problem.
  • Surveys and Polls: Service centers may send surveys via email or leave polls on their social media sites.

These methods are highly useful tools that businesses use to assess the client’s experience. The leading service company, SupportYourApp, advises taking things a step further. According to the company’s service specialists, clients are becoming resistant to completing surveys.

Research by Forrester supports this view. Forrester suggests that “Survey Overload” is becoming significant and will reach critical levels by the end of this year.

Changing How We Measure Customer Satisfaction Is Important

Does that mean that companies should stop conducting surveys? Not at all. Firms must, however, look for innovative ways to gather the data that they require.

Some companies overcome survey overload by rewarding clients for answering questions. Others look to other forms of data gathering such as.

Final Notes

Increased satisfaction means better exposure for the company and increased customer loyalty. It’s worthwhile to put in some effort into gathering data. A combination of traditional methods and passive data collection could help companies prevent survey overload while still getting the vital information they need.

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