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Compensation And Benefits You Can Get From Catastrophic Injuries

When a person sustains severe injuries in an accident, experts refer to this as a catastrophic injury or catastrophic impairment. The individual finds the injuries interfere with their ability to function normally and they cannot carry out day-to-day activities without help.

Social and family interactions change because of this impairment, and the person cannot work. Their quality of life diminishes as a result of the physical and psychological effects of this injury.

Catastrophic Injuries

Help With Medical Bills

When a person cannot work or function normally, paying for the necessary treatment for their injuries can be challenging. If the injuries occurred in an automobile accident, the victim may file a claim with their vehicle insurance provider. When another party is to blame for the accident, file the claim with their insurer.

Any person involved in an accident may file a claim, including individuals in the vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and those operating recreational vehicles. Men and women find they may receive these benefits even if they were to blame for the accident. If a victim needs help in securing these benefits, contact Jacoby & Meyers LLP for help.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries come in many forms. One person could suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). When exposed to light, the victim might struggle with severe head pain because of the TBI. Another person may suffer from the loss of vision in one or both of their eyes.

A severe spinal cord injury, one that leaves the patient with either tetraplegia or paraplegia, qualifies as a catastrophic injury, as does the amputation or severe impairment of the person’s arm.

However, many other injuries fall under this designation as well. Burn injuries typically don’t come to mind when a person considers catastrophic injuries, but this type of injury leads to extended hospital stays and long-term outpatient treatment.

The physical disfigurement that frequently accompanies these injuries takes a toll on the victim’s mental health, which needs consideration when they seek compensation for their injuries.

Internal organ damage serves as another type of catastrophic injury that often gets overlooked. However, if an organ sustains injury in an accident, the person might need surgery to repair the damage, which could lead to a long recovery period.

In some cases, the victim might need a transplant, as the organ has been damaged beyond repair. The organ transplant process remains costly, and the victim should not incur these costs.

Accident Benefits

As catastrophic injuries impact every area of a person’s life, additional benefits become available to victims of this type of injury.

A person may request compensation for lost wages, housekeeping expenses, and more. For example, if the victim must bring in outside help for their medical care or rehabilitation, they should receive compensation for these expenses.

A person might also seek compensation for any emotional distress they experience because of the accident and resulting injuries. Don’t overlook the costs for any counseling or therapy that is needed as a result of the accident, either.

A catastrophic injury comes with long-term consequences. People often don’t realize just how far-reaching these consequences are as they try to wrap their heads around the changes in their lives.

Furthermore, they must focus on their recovery, as they work to achieve the highest- quality of life possible with these injuries. Hire an attorney to help with the legal aspects of the case, so the focus remains where it needs to be.

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