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How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

Schedule text messages on iPhone without any jailbreak. Do u agree that each and every stuff has a best time to make it a perfect moment? If yes then don’t you think even a text message or simply say a SMS also should have a best time to be sent.

Sometimes we often tend to forget sending a message within the time frame and when we remember about it. We know that we are late. In this case don’t you think having a feature that allow us to schedule a message for a particular time can be of great help? Yes this is possible.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Without any Jailbreak

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone 6

There are several applications as well as tricks available for the jailbreak iPhone users. However we find difficult to find a way to schedule text message for the iPhone users without any jailbreak. Because Apple has placed number of restrictions in case of third party applications. But we have a good news for the iPhone users. As now they can schedule text messages and send the scheduled message automatically in the specified time without need to jailbreak their iPhone.

Applications allowing to schedule text messages

Let us have a quick look over two amazing applications. Which can help iPhone users to schedule text messages and send them in the specified time automatically without facing any kind of complications.

Best iPhone SMS Scheduler App to Schedule Text Messages



You may find number of applications in the app store claiming to provide you with the features allowing you to send messages in the specified time. However they fail too. Delayd is one of the best and well known application in the recent time. It is providing amazing features that can simply mesmerize individuals. As the name itself specifies that the text message is delayd for the future.

Download Delayd

How is Delayd different from other applications? This might be one question popping in your mind.

If you have tried other apps you might have noticed that when you have specified particular time for a text message to be sent. A particular pop up flashes on your handset at the specified time asking for a confirmation in order to send the message. You manually need to confirm it followed by dispatching the same.

Don’t you think this might be irritating. Sometimes when a message is scheduled to be sent in the mid night. Think about it that you need to wake up, confirm and dispatch. No it isn’t working and in this case Delayd is one application which should work for you. As it sends the messages automatically in the scheduled time.

The usage of the application is very simple. You just need to type your message. Schedule your preferred time and date (it can be adjusted by 15 minutes), click on the schedule button. You are good to go. You will be notified once your message is delivered.

Other features:

Apart from this there are couple of other features making delayd one of the best text message scheduling application in the market.

Do you want a particular message to be recurred? If yes then it is possible using delayd app. As it provides a feature allowing message to be recurred on different intervals of time. Delayd clearly showcases the Schedules, sent and the recurring options on the main screen of your handset in order to display what exactly is going on in your application.

Apart from scheduling text messages. You can also schedule automatic sending of Facebook updates, emails and also tweets on the twitter. Don’t you think it is pretty cool application where you can schedule anything and forget about it and move on with other important stuffs.

As earlier in the post I mentioned that Apple has put several restrictions to the third party applications and in the case of Delayd there is small restriction. The application uses their own servers in order to deliver your scheduled emails and text messages due to which recipient cannot directly reply to your messages or the emails as they cannot view your original number.

However you can include your contact number or your email ID. So that they can understand from where and whom they have received the message or the mail. As the application uses their own servers you need to pay for the credits and the pricing is as follows. You need to pay $0.99 for 50 credits and $3.99 for 500 credits. Apart from this application will provide you with 50 free credits for the first time users who download the application for the first time without any charge.

Text Timer

Text Timer

Apart from Delayd there is one of application which allows you to schedule text messages. Text timer is doesn’t allow scheduling of social media posts like Facebook post updates and tweets for twitter. It’s only allows scheduling of text messages. Text timer is user friendly as you just need to click on the compose button followed by choosing the date and time of the message you desire to send along with choosing the recipient whom you want to send the message and at last type your message.

Download Text Timer

Text timer is neat, easy to use and more importantly free of cost. In this you need not pay for the credits unlike delayd in order to continue using the text timer to schedule your text messages.

So, If you are looking for an amazing application in order to schedule your text messages without investing your money then text timer is the best alternative to the delayd.

One can opt for Delayd text message scheduler. If they wish to schedule text messages and social media posts or else one can opt for text timer. If they only wish to schedule text messages. Both the applications are simply amazing and user friendly.

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Make a good choice followed by making the most use of the application and also do not forget to share your experience with us. And if you have any issues related to the applications or you have any better alternatives. Please let us know so that we can share your ideas with our readers.

Stay tuned stay updated. 🙂

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