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How to Write Quality Content for Your Blog

Writing content for your blog may seem to be simple but is not as simple as it seems to be. It is the mirror reflection of your ideas and experiences; it is the extension of your persona. Developing rankable blog posts for your readers can be achieved with the help of the points:

How To Write High-Quality Content For Your Blog

Tips For Creating Great Content for your Blog

1] Researching for a topic:

Any random idea cannot become your topic. The idea should be considered as topic by you only if you have full and valid knowledge about the topic. You can research about your topic from Wikipedia, Google scholar, Google books, The internet archive and Google Public data are some of the best sources of information for any topic.

2] Writing headlines:

On an average people just spend some good 8 seconds on a blog before they actually start reading it. No matter how interesting the content is without a eye- catching heading it all goes as a waste. A boring headline is the most dreadful thing as the readers will move away from the blog because of such heading. Also it the headline is not supported by an equally interesting content the readers will never trust your blog again.

3] Writing the researched data in a well structured post:

The research material that you have collected is the raw data and you need to process it in meaningful and interesting content to present to your readers. The fact to be remembered is that your blog content should appeal everyone and should be more than just essay about yourself.  Also your blog should have positivity in it and should enrich the readers with some good thoughts.

4] Using long tail keywords:

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are of great significance if you want to get traffic from the search engines. Thus the longer the keyword the more it appeals a single base reader. Long keywords like “eggless cakes for this festive season” will attract the specific visitors and the competition will also be less and this will definitely help you to get sale leads.

5] Use LSI Keywords for even more optimized post:

The irony is that even the optimized posts are not at all optimized. Just stuffing the keywords and not using it naturally and with meaning can spoil the whole article. Google’s hummingbird algorithm focuses on how the term has been used. It targets on the conversational queries. Google is focusing on providing good value content to its readers.

6] Internal linking:

Internal linking greatly affects the value of the articles but also makes it more relatable by adding the related articles that the reader is equipped with all the related info while on your article. Depending on the length of the post internal linking should be done.

7] ON page SEO:

The blog should primarily focus on the readers but it should also be optimized as for the search engines. On page SEO is crucial to acknowledge the search engine about the content. SEO articles tend to attract more traffic. 🙂

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