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Tips for Learning About A Job Before It Gets Advertised

If the new year has you thinking about your career and your hopes and aspirations for it, you might be keen to start working on your resume and applying for new positions. However, if there’s lots of competition in your sector or for the top jobs, it’s helpful to think outside the box a little. You want to try and get news of roles that are opening up before your competitors.

Here are some top ways to do this, so you can give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job in 2023.

How to Get Your Dream Job

Networking and Relationship Building

Many people don’t realize how effective networking and relationship building can be for connecting oneself with job opportunities. Many roles never even get advertised because they’re filled before there’s a need, often due to recruiters, hiring managers, or other personnel already knowing people they can put forward for a position.

You therefore want to put yourself in a place where you can be the one whose name gets mentioned. Start getting to know people in your industry and at human resources firms as soon as possible – you never know where these connections may lead. Attend networking events such as business lunches and dinners, conferences, trade shows, and other industry events to get to know decision-makers at key firms.

Don’t sell yourself hard, though; simply get to know people and give them an idea of your experience, qualifications, interests, and the like, and mention that you’re open to new opportunities. Hopefully, these people will think of and contact you when a new spot opens up.

You can also network on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Be active to get to know “who’s who” in your sector and interact on the sites so relevant people learn who you are. Also, remember that many leaders and companies post about job openings on their social media pages, which can be a great way to hear about jobs before your competition.

Don’t forget how important relationship building is, too. Once you’ve connected with people and built up a circle of those “in the know,” you also need to stay in touch. Contribute helpful things online or help and check in with people to stay on their radars.

Occasionally saying hello to see how people are (whether online or by text, phone, etc.) and mentioning things you’ve talked about in the past will help you build genuine interactions that can allow you to show yourself and your assets winningly. Over the years, you might learn about many job opportunities via these networks.

Plus, ask people directly for a referral. Often, people don’t think to connect those in their networks simply because they’re busy and thinking about other things. If you let them know you’re actively seeking a new role, though, and ask them to pass on your details to anyone who could help, you may end up with some excellent recommendations.

Work Experience

Another great way to meet the right people and get your name known with potential employers is to engage in some work experience with relevant firms or individuals. You might sign up for an internship or offer to do a week or two’s work for free to learn about the business and get to know the people in it.

Once you’ve had a chance to work in a place, you’re much better equipped to learn all the ins and outs of its corporate culture and what employers are and aren’t looking for when hiring new team members. This will help you if you get interviewed for a role in the future. Better yet, though, you’ll get yourself in front of the right people. By showcasing your initiative, skills, and interest, you might impress them and be invited to apply for a permanent role before it’s advertised.

Being Proactive

It’s also essential to be proactive in other ways by directly seeking out work. For example, have you recently completed pharmacy technician studies or have experience as a journalist or lawyer, etc., and are looking for a suitable role in your area? If so, it pays to research all the organizations in your location that employ people of this type and then send your resume and a cover letter off to them to introduce yourself.

Even if firms don’t currently have advertised positions, most will keep CVs on file and pay close attention to people with good initiative. Some places are thinking about hiring someone new in the next few months but will bring forward their timelines if they receive details of someone who might be a perfect fit for a role they want to fill eventually.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to put yourself out there and learn about and be considered for roles before they get advertised. Back yourself and go after your dreams to get a job you love much sooner.

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