How to Get Your Seasonal Business Through the Winter

Winter is your off-season, and you don’t know how you’re going to get through it unscathed. You need a plan to get your business through the next few months, until spring or summer hits. Check out these simple tips to survive until your peakseason.

Get Your Seasonal Business Through the Winter

1] Get Some Extra Support

You could use bridge financing to get through this expected dip in your cashflow. Bridge financing is designed to help you safely cross a gap in your finances so that your business can stay the course and keep moving forward.

If you think you need a boost for the winter, you should take a look at what the First Down Funding specialists have to offer for a situation like yours. Some financial support can be available to you in a few days. That will certainly ease some of your stress about the season.

2] Expand Your Services

All of your products and services are related to your peak-season, so why would anyone want to come in for the winter? The Small Business Association recommends that you market a different product or service that works in the off-season.

It doesn’t have to be something completely different. A BBQ restaurant that sees plenty of customers on the patio during the summer months can focus their marketing on catering services when that same patio is covered in snow. The restaurant ends up selling the same food but uses a different approach to get it to customers.

3] Join Forces with Other Businesses

Another way that you can make it through the long winter is to join forces with another business – especially if it has a different peak-season than yours or no peak at all.

Say that you have an ice cream parlor. When winter hits, you can pair up with a local café or restaurant to make exciting treats that can still be enjoyed all-year-round.

  • Affogatos.
  • Old-fashioned milkshakes.
  • Ice-cream cakes for children’s birthday parties.

4] Offer Enticing Discounts

Offer Enticing Discounts

It’s really cold, which means people are going to want to stay at home and avoid the outdoors. You need to motivate them to put on a warm coat, head outside and go into your store. One effective way to do this is to offer enticing discounts and store-wide sales. A good deal will encourage lots of customers to deal with the frigid weather.

5] Take Advantage of the Down Time

Maybe the fact that your store isn’t rammed with customers is a good thing? Now, you have time to complete tasks that would normally be way too stressful with a busy schedule.

For instance, you can take this as an opportunity to search for staff members for peak season. Looking through applications, conducting interviews and training new hires takes time. You’ll be thankful that you took full advantage of the slow months to get the important task off of your checklist, especially when business starts racking up again.

Your winter doesn’t have to be harsh. When you follow these steps, you can make it through to your peakseason without breaking a sweat. And you’ll be ready for every so-called off-season in the future.

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