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Why Tablets are much Better than Smart Phone

This debate over the smartphone and tablet is going on for a long time now. The two devices are capable of performing almost the same task, but still there are some differences which are creating a stir between the two and heating up the competition even more. Tablets have much bigger screen compared to that of smartphones and on the other hand the smartphones can be accessed easily because they are much handier. But all these can be put to rest by the conversion rates that the marketers witnesses from these two devices.

Why Tablets are Better

What Is the Best Tablet

Here tablets are said to perform better than the smartphones. Moreover, you will see that when you are browsing or emailing, then quite naturally you reach out for your tablet rather than going for the smartphone because the experience is far better in there.

Earlier, people preferred smartphones over tablets because they were not able to place calls, but that is a thing of past and now with amazing call quality in tablets too, the users will definitely prefer a tablet over smartphone any given day.

Windows Tablets vs. Ultrabooks

All In a day’s work

If people argue that you can put the smartphone in your pocket, but you cannot do that with your tablet, then for them here is a simple answer. You keep the phone in your pocket only when you are not using it. As the days are passing by we have started using the devices more and more, therefore we won’t even get time to put the device in our pocket, so it doesn’t matter whether it fits into our pocket or not. Moreover, the tablet is still evolving and this means that you will get to see much more improvements in them as compared to the smartphones which are in ripe situation now.

Tablets are better

All In Day’s Work

Another argument that the naysayers provide against tablets is that when you are answering the phone it will look odd if you hold the tablet against your ear. But, that is a lame one because they must not have heard of Bluetooth headsets or the speaker phone, which can be used while carrying out a conversation using the tablet.

Gaming and movie watching experience just got bigger and better

When you are using tablets for gaming or watching a movie, then you will find out that it is a far better proposition than the smartphones because here you get a bigger screen and even the sound is much better. Why would you prefer to watch a movie in the small screen of smartphones when you can experience it better in a bigger screen with high quality streaming. Even when you are browsing you will notice the difference between a smartphone and tablet. In the tablets, things are much more immersive and the media experience is a rich one as compared to that of smartphones.

Tablets are better then Smartphone

Gaming and Movie Watching Experience

In case of video chatting too, you will find that tablets are the preferred choice because it allows high resolution video as compared to small and low resolution pictures of smartphones. In every which way tablets are far better than the smartphones.

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