5 Things You Should Know About Applying for An EIN

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique nine digit number that all business entities must have in order to operate. The EIN is given by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the reason that this number is given is for the purpose of identification and also for the purpose of filing taxes.

Employer Identification Number: What You Need to Know

Apply for an Employer Identification Number EIN Online

Application for EIN can be at times confusing given the number steps, however here are the things which you need to know which can make the process much easier.

1] Eligibility

The companies or businesses which can apply for the EIN number are only the ones which are located in the United States or the territories which are owned by the United States.

The individual who is applying for the EIN number must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number which includes the Social Security Number for the purpose of tax remission.

2] Uses for EIN

The next thing which you need to know is you have to state the reason as to why you are requesting it. When you are requesting for your EIN online then you will be prompted to state the reason which will include: Banking Purposes, Started New Business, Purchased Active Business or Hired employee.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you do not have a specific reason at hand, the best thing to do is to choose the option of start a new business. An important point to note with online application is that you have to do the process in one sitting as you cannot save and return later to complete.

3] State the legal and tax structure

When applying for the EIN number it’s very important that you state the legal and the tax structure of the business.

The reason as to why you need to do this is because different businesses have different tax structure which calls for different reporting requirement.

In the filling process you need to select the right business set up either a corporation of a limited liability company.

4] Member Information

In the previous step where you chose the kind of business entity you have when you select a limited liability company then you has to provide information about the members.

Member Information

This is details about the members and also the specific location of the business. It’s important to not that different states will have different names for the member information filling box.

5] Designated Contact Person

In filling the EIN number one of the requirement is to have a designated person or party. This is the individual who has the mandate or the control of all the funds or the asset by the company.

The IRS must recognize a contact person who will be responsible for controlling the entity funds and asset and these are the individual responsible for the taxation matters.

The reason as to why the contact person is important is because this is the individual who will be in contact with the IRS in case they need to send a letter or they need something from the entity.

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  • Commendable Article!

    Employers Identification number or Tax ID is important when you are dealing with financial terms. This number can help you make tax fillings as IRS use this nine-digit number for business identifications. One must add this number with business accounts, income tax forms and tax reports to make easy form fillings. You can get more help on tax filings from McAllen’s Accountants that will guide you with EIN and other tax changes imploded by U.S. government in 2019.

  • Very informative article!
    EIN is very crucial for businesses. You can hire employees, start and setup your business easily with this. Moreover tax returns becomes more easier with this number. You can make online EIN application using your email.

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