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Private Encrypted Messenger for Business and Entertainment – Utopia Is Ready to Use!

Every day we use online banking, purchase in e-shops, and transfer sensitive data online. What if your device got stolen? Card passcodes, telephone numbers, passwords, and other private information will be accessible for hackers.

Even when you sell a disused phone backed up to factory settings, a black hat will be able to restore the data.

Private Encrypted Messenger for Business


You should bear in mind that even your medical records cost a lot on a data market. That’s how your identity can be easily detected. Good news – encryption is the only tool that can protect you!

Encryption is an up-to-date mechanism enabling security and confidentiality on the Internet. Companies, as well as individual users, utilize it daily to protect against the invasion of privacy and global surveillance.

In this review, we reveal a feature-rich Utopia platform protecting daily online activities. What are the practical use cases and how to get money every 15 minutes just for staying online? Discover below!

1] Utopia – All in one private encrypted messenger

First of all, Utopia is not just a messenger. It’s defined as a self-enclosed ecosystem including your daily kit: uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll browser, and Mining bot.

You have all the tools on one dashboard, which is unique and outstanding! While being on the Beta stage, the platform has already attracted numerous privacy-conscious users. For several reasons.

  • Advanced encryption – Utopia is based on elliptic curves and P2P algorithm which ensure secure data     uMessenger is encrypted by default if comparing with widely-used apps.
  • Decentralization. – Utopia never collects metadata and doesn’t store any data on a single server, information passes strictly from sender to a receiver. This principle guarantees that sided institutionsm authorities and cyber-criminals won’t reach private data.
  • Anonymity. – You don’t need to indicate your phone number, name or e-mail to enjoy the service. Unlike popular messenger are connected to your phone. A Private Key identifies each user.

In combination with the listed principles, uMessenger has extended use cases. How can you employ P2P chat room?

  • Personal communications are getting secure and funny, thanks to stickers and in-built games. Transfer files of different types, enjoy text messages, and secure group chats!
  • Corporate chats are encrypted by default even if you use a group chat. Discuss corporate secrets, marketing strategies, and other confidential data without any risk.
  • Blogging empowered with the freedom of speech is easy to manage through channels. Channels are group chats set up for read-only. Use encrypted newsfeed to share relevant and unbiased news!

2] uMail – Secure mailbox

This feature is an ordinary e-mail you use every day. Inbox and outbox are comfortable to use thanks to filters. Important note – you can send messages via uMail only to users authorized within Utopia. This rule maintains the core safety principle. Why uMail is better than analogs?

  • Business correspondence is straightforward when using Templates. Design a layout for typical letters to fast-track daily mailing!
  • Daily communications are secure and effective thanks to Hybrid mode. Activate this tool to have wallet   balance, e-mail, messenger, and files all in one window!
  • Protected file-sharing is available for any file extensions: videos, texts, images, etc.

3] Idyll – Built-in protected private browser

Utopia provided domestic browser to surf sites hosted within the platform. Idyll meets the golden standard of privacy for several reasons. It never tracks the history of search, doesn’t collect metadata, passwords and payment information.

What are the use cases of Idyll?

  • Internal web browsing is 100% protected and encrypted end-to-end.
  • Website creation is clear-cut and doesn’t claim special education. You can design a website for business or personal use with several steps.

4] uWallet – An encrypted financial environment

The integrated wallet serves in-house money transfers and purchases. The operations happen in a flash, Utopia never asks you to reveal the Private Key to commit a transaction. Why use uWallet?

  • Card issuing – Get a crypto card with original design and numbers in a matter of seconds.
  • Online purchasesShop online without any limits.
  • Crypto transactions – Transfer money to the member of Utopia community instantly.
  • Payments for merchants – interface for sellers is ready to use!

Crypton is an internal Utopia coin issued for instant payments within the ecosystem. Delightful news: You can get CRPs for free – discover the Mining bot!

5] Mining bot – Easy money-making

Utopia rewards those users who contribute to the growth of the network. Your balance gets credited with Cryptons every 15 minutes you use Utopia. There are no limits on how many coins you can get! The only rule – use the network from different devices.

So, whip out obsolete computers to get more money!

The bottom line

The invasion of privacy on the Internet can be restricted if use encrypted services. Private encrypted messenger is the best secure alternative to social media, commercialized messaging apps and e-mails.

Utopia, on-of-a-kind P2P ecosystem combining essential daily apps, soon will be available for mobile devices! Join Utopia now to experience enhanced functionality and the freedom of speech for free.

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  • Amazing decentralized ecosystem. now we are not in control of any government or companies. we can do whatever we want on the internet. its our freedom and with utopia we feel freedom in the internet world.

  • When injustice becomes law, resistence becomes neccessary.It’s just a matter of time that utopia will emerge as the revolutionary technology of the 21st-century. I am A member of this ecosystem for the last two months and my experience has been the best with the utopia. Privacy and crypton mining Are the best features of this system amongst the many others.i recommend joining this marvellous invention.