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Trading the financial markets online has exploded recently as more and more people become interested in the global markets, in how they work, and in what they can do in order to profit from their daily movements. With the advent of more sophisticated mobile devices, this occupation is no longer the preserve of those with an expensive PC with multi-screen set-up.  The “average” person is now able to place a trade on the markets while waiting for a bus, while on the move, or even from the sofa in their slippers!

Learn Financial Trading through Shaw Academy

However, just because it has become easier to participate in online trading, it doesn’t mean that you should jump into the markets without first knowing what you are doing. Like most things in life, the first step taken by those with an interest in trading should be to take part in an educational event – to learn from those who are trading in order to be able to make a more informed decision as to whether or not it is something which you should pursue. After all, if you wished to become a surgeon – without first learning how to be a surgeon – the results may not be fantastic.

The Shaw Academy is an online institute of education who provide their services in a manner which is accessible, interactive and transformative. They cover a diverse range of subjects, such as Nutrition, Photography, Digital Marketing, and the Psychology of Sales, amongst others. One of their more popular topics is in Financial Trading.

By participating in their Diploma in Financial Trading you will avail of 10 Live web based classes, each being one hour in duration, spread over 4 weeks. This is an essential starting point for those who are hoping to trade the financial markets – regardless of the amount of time you hope to dedicate to it.

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

Not only will the Diploma of Financial Trading provide you with a complete introduction to the markets and explain exactly how they work, but it will also help you to understand how and why so many retail traders tend to lose money. By providing you with a complete explanation on the different market participants, by looking at how to analyse the markets from both a fundamental and a technical perspective, and by showing you the differences between a practice trading account versus a live trading account, you will be given an insight into what exactly is required in order to become a profitable traders.

Despite the number of hours spent going through the above mentioned theory, the most emphasis is definitely placed on Risk Management. It is too often where a new traders mind is set to “making a profit”, whereby the Shaw Academy has a firm belief that every potential trader should start with “protecting your capital”. By approaching the markets from this self-preservation stance, it helps to ensure that a new trader limits any potential loss in each and every instance, whilst never limiting profits.

Join the Shaw Academy today to help gain a complete understanding of the financial markets, which will help in making a more confident decision before considering that first trade!

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