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Things to Do While Getting Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioners are the most used appliance. It’s essential to maintain the favored temperature in our houses for a better and more comfortable life. To ensure that the heat. To make sure that the temperature of the aircon in your home is efficient, you need to have aircon servicing like Mr. Furnace.

Getting Air Conditioner Service


Aircon services generally refer to the designing, supplying, installing, and servicing of air conditioning systems in both commercial and residential premises.

For you to be aware of the best work done, you need to be aware of step by step guide of Aircon servicing. These steps will give you a better idea if the servicing is done better in the long run.

You must have your air conditioner inspected and serviced by a qualified technician. The primary offerings usually comprise of the following.

  1. Water washing the outer panels and cleaning them properly to make it efficient to run with more energy and cooler air flow Dust in and removing the exterior panels.
  2. A thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil, blower wheel, fan coil, checking of the compressor, and proper oiling of the fan vehicles is mandatory for better performance. Dirty coils can genuinely reduce your air conditioners’ production via 10%. The fan coil and the blowers aren’t cleaned with the assistance of a broom as the dirt and dust may be loose into the encompassing air. Instead, these experts enforce the use of laboratory permitted and authorized chemical compounds to eliminate the bacteria and the dirt.
  3. The unit loses 10% of the gas every 12 months. The expert provider men drain and recharge the gadget, assessments hoses, filters, belts, and connections to make sure that the compressor and condenser are in an ideal running condition.
  4. A thorough visible inspection and checking of the condenser unit guarantee that the air movement in the unit isn’t blocked. It assures that the machine operates on the right pressure and temperature.
  5. Complete cleaning of the drain pan and flushing of the drainpipe is carried out. They also adopt evacuation of air and moisture from the gadget. It guarantees that the atmosphere is more energizing and more healthy.
  6. Research and verification of all of the electrical components to identify the damage.
  7. Diagnosing for any noise hassle and checking the refrigerant gadget for proper cooling. It may also take a look at the coolant degree to growth your gadgets’ power performance.
  8. Performing a trial run to ensure its clean functioning and finally a standard cleansing of the outdoors of the machine.

AC Repair & Servicing

Advantages of Aircon Servicing

  1. Routine checking, cleaning, and substitute of components make sure that your unit operates extra effectively and produces the coldest air.
  2. Regular Aircon serving ensures which you trap up with capacity problems early so that it does no longer cause any central disorder of the unit.
  3. Problems recognized and stuck earlier can prevent a lot of money. It is also inexpensive to address minor issues than to address significant breakdowns, which may involve massive cash.
  4. The electric intake of a properly-serviced air conditioner is comparatively less.
  5. It improves the cooling performance and prolongs the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.


Regular aircon servicing improves the performance, reliability, and the existence of the gadget, hence saving you money. Make sure to lease the handiest of the reputed businesses for Aircon servicing. LK Brothers Aircon provides quality aircon services in Singapore.

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