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Five Things Your Homepage Needs to Boost SEO

The success of your business entirely lies in the success of your marketing campaign. Nowadays, most companies rely on digital marketing to draw the right prospects and boost sales. SEO is one of the popular strategies that you’ll find on almost all websites.

The homepage is a crucial aspect of your site and creates the first impression to users. It should communicate to clients how your products and services will solve their needs, and optimizing it goes a long way.

Here’s what your homepage needs to boost SEO

Your Homepage Needs to Boost SEO

A logo that represents your brand

Your company’s logo plays a crucial role in your marketing efforts. To make the most out of your SEO campaign, use a logo that accurately represents your brand. It will reinforce your brand identity and should be similar on all web pages. Take this a notch higher by including a company name and a short description of your company.

Well-listed sections & Easy navigation

No shopper wants to spend hours searching for things on your site. The easier you make it to navigate the pages, the better. Include all the main sections on your homepage, allowing visitors to search for information with ease. Have a logical sequence; make it simple for all users. Also, make it easy to go back to the homepage.

Relevant content

The content on your homepage speaks volumes about your site. Use catchy headlines and avoid very long articles. To rank higher on Google, choose the right keywords and combine long tail and short tail keywords. These are phrases clients use when searching for goods and services, making it easy to locate your business online.

What’s more, use easy-to-read content and include internal links to guide them through the website. A few images won’t do any harm! Include clear pictures to engage users more and keep tracking your growth score.

Clear optimized images

Quality images make your website more inviting and will entice clients to check out your products. Use clear images and use them to highlight the type of products and services offered. Choose colors similar to those on the products and optimize the images for SEO. Also, use simple text, and make it readable.

Shrink the image sizes to a maximum of 1920 by 1080 pixels to allow for easy loading. Besides, no shop wants a slow loading web page.

Call to action (CTA) & Footer

You have minimal time to engage visitors on your site. Use a CTA to entice and engage them. Use CTAs can direct users to blog posts, but not all should go to landing pages.

Use different phrases, and take advantage of your analytics to determine the most effective CTAs for your homepage. A footer also works; include the company name and contact information. Most users use it as a site map. So make it consistent on all the pages.

Final thoughts

Your site’s homepage can break or make your website. Use the most suitable logo and optimize the text and images for faster load times. Also, post valuable information, and use engaging headlines and pictures. Choose the right keywords and include easy to navigate keys.

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