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How Important is Responsive Web Design For SEO?

Importance of Responsive Web Design For SEO

Before a year, most of the entrepreneurs had separate website for mobile. But today it is totally changed due to the advancement in the technology. One can change their normal website into a responsive website and this will help the mobile users to view that website without any trouble. A responsive website changes according to the mobile device and screen size. The Designing industry became more busy due to this responsive web design. And the companies which was quoting $1000 for a website design started to quote $2000 for the responsive web design. Apart from this, responsive web design plays a vital role in the SEO. Let us see what kind of advantages does responsive web design provides for the SEO.


1. Increases Local Rankings :-

Responsive web design is really very helpful for generating more business in the local. Most of the users search about the local businesses while they are on the go. Yelp has stated that about 40% of the users came to their website by using their mobile app. The mobile results are displayed to the user by the search engines using the geo-specific parameter. Search engines like Google gives more importance for the sites which is well optimized as well as which gives more user experience to the visitors.

For example : Consider if an user is viewing a website on the mobile, If he/she is not able to view the website properly then they may just click the back button and may visit the next website. In this case, Google will issue bad user experience to that website and the rankings of that website will also get affected. You can escape from this, if you have developed your website with responsive web design.

2. Reduces Bounce Rate :-

Bounce rate is also one of the vital factor which Google considers in ranking. A website which is having very less bounce rate will have very good Google rankings. One can avoid this by having the  responsive web design. This is because responsive sites are viewable in any mobile device.


3. Can Avoid from the Content Duplication :-

Having two websites for mobile devices and for Laptops & PC’S will result in the content duplication. Instead, if you have a website which is compatible with the mobile devices and Laptops & PC’S like responsive website then you can avoid content duplication.

4. Can Escape from Promoting Two Websites :-

If you have two websites for mobile devices and for the Laptops & PC’S then you have to promote both these websites simultaneously. So, this can be avoided by having a website with responsive web design. A responsive website will take less time to load when compared with the normal websites.

From this you can know how important is it for the businesses to have responsive web design.

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  • The most appropriate points Harshil 🙂 The mobile users are also rapidly increasing and so its very important for every blogger to have their site mobile responsive. Isn’t it ?
    And now a days Google also look for responsive and simple design of any site before indexing..
    This article is awesome ..keep it up !