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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Twitter In 2019

Back in the school days, wasn’t it hurting to get an unsatisfactory reply from a friend who is too close to you? Didn’t it dishearten you any-day when your friend starts ignoring you?

Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

How to See Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

Almost all of us has gone through such a situation. Now with the help of technologies, one can stay connected to his loved ones, even when the distance separates’ them drastically.

But it is not always necessary that a person treats you the same way you treat him. So let’s relive our school days, and do exactly what we did then.

Let’s be the best of friends with the ones who are good to you, and treat the others differently.

1] Social Media – Our best friend

It is very aptly said that one should keep his friends close and enemies closer. Our social media account has always been one such friend who was there with us when no one else was.

It has seen all our ups and downs, all our highs and lows. Since years it has been undemanding friend of ours, which is continuously trying to bridge the gap between our friends and us. And because it has been such a wonderful friend of ours, we owe it some care too.

2] Twitter is the most influential social media platform

Twitter, one of the most active friend of ours, is known as the “in the moment” platform. And the care you can provide it with is keeping a track of our followers, keeping our accounts free of spams as much as possible and most importantly by knowing ‘who unfollowed me on twitter’ in 2019. This will even help us knowing who our friend-cum-enemies are?

Twitter - Social media network

3] Why is it important to know who unfollowed you on twitter in 2019?

In this ever growing world, it is very meaningful to know who your real well-wishers are, both in your personal life and your corporate one. The most basic step to start with would be to know who unfollowed you twitter.

But don’t you think keeping a track of your followers will be a time consuming task? If this thought has ever bothered you, then believe us, the time has arrived when you need to get rid of such outdated practices and have CircleBoom by your side.

CircleBoom is known to be the best twitter unfollow tool to do such odd jobs and it even promises to make it’s customer’s social media experience pleasant by letting them know who finds their presence significant and who doesn’t, because it knows that an unfollow hits harder when compared to a heartbreak.


4] Why CircleBoom ?

  1. It is an unreal tool for managing your social accounts.
  2. It even allows you to have an absolutely free experience with its myriad features.
  3. Also It takes care of both the logical and ethical growth of your social media accounts, especially, your twitter account.
  4. Helps you find twitter followers by using keywords and trending topics.
  5. Keeps you updated about the recent unfollowers, fake accounts and many more.
  6. Helps you schedule your tweets and posts well in advance.
  7. Gives an access to advanced twitter analytics.
  8. If you want to keep a track of your twitter unfollowers using your smart phone, you can do that as well.

5] How to see who unfollowed me on twitter using CircleBoom ?

If an unfollow bothers you a lot and you are eager to know who that unfollower is, then all you need is CircleBoom.

CircleBoom is the best twitter unfollow tool because it gives you the information of a plenty of twitter accounts that you might want to unfollow because of the reason that they had unfollowed you lately. Here are some of the examples of services provided by CircleBoom.

  • Unfollow accounts on twitter that is not following you.
  • Unfollow the fake and inactive accounts from your twitter profile.
  • Also Unfollow all those twitter accounts that are too noisy.
  • Unfollow all the accounts on twitter that posts inappropriate and irrelevant articles.
  • Unfollow all the accounts falling under any of the above mentioned categories at a single click of the button, obviously taking into consideration the policies laid down by the twitter.

Find who unfollowed me on twitter using CircleBoom

CircleBoom is quite straightforward which makes our tasks effortless. All you need to do for getting hold of the accounts not following you back on twitter using CircleBoom is to login your respective accounts by entering your twitter credentials  in the given bar.

Once the logging of the account is taken care of, CircleBoom gets an access to your Twitter account and it starts giving you the detailed statistics of your twiiter account under different head mentioned above.

One can obviously go through these simple statistics related to their social media accounts before taking any necessary actions.

6] Moving ahead of these statistics

If you wish to unfollow certain twitter profiles that don’t follow you back, you must take the cursor to the left side of the screen. This will lead to the popping up of a pre set menu of the features offered by the CircleBoom.

One of the many features displayed in this list is “UNFOLLOW – Find out who to Unfollow.”  On clicking on this feature will display different subheads like:

  1. Not Following Back.
  2. Fake/ Spam.
  3. Inactives.
  4. Too Actives.
  5. Eggheads.
  6. All the ones I follow.
  7. Whitelist.

Circle Boom Profiles

These broad sub heads take care of all the accounts you need to infollow to give your twitter account an organized look.

Amongst the above mentioned subheads, one needs to go to the very first category that says “Not following you back” to get to know about the accounts that had recently unfollowed you.

No sooner do you click on this sub head, CircleBoom gives you four different options to choose from and they are:

  1. Not to include the accounts that you have started following lately.
  2. Preventing the verified accounts from being a part of the counting.
  3. Include the twitter accounts whitelisted by you.
  4. Only include the verified twitter accounts.

Once your desired option(s) is/are chosen, the accounts that fall under that category are displayed and then you can either unfollow these accounts in return or give them a clean chit.

Circle Boom Dashboard

So without wasting any further time, just take a smart step of using CircleBoom, the twitter unfollow tool for managing your twitter and deleting all those accounts that have unfollowed you on twitter.

All that you need to understand that CircleBoom in a boom for your Twitter account, it sums up everything that your account has always longed for.

Happy CircleBooming!

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