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6 Effective Ways To Monetize Your Website

There are plenty of ways to monetize your website. Some provide more money than others, and some require a substantial number of viewers to your site each month. Here is a break down of how to monetize your website.

How To Monetize a Website and Earn Money

How to Monetize Your Website

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1) Adverts

Adverts are one of the most common ways to monetize your website. Unfortunately, they are also one of the lowest paying. Unless you get a lot of visitors each month, and I mean in the millions, then you probably not going to make a lot of money from regular adverts. These kinds of adverts are probably the Google Adsense kind, and they can be good for a little extra income, you shouldn’t quit your day job over the income they provide.

The other kind of advert are ones that you have specifically sold to a company. These can get you a little more money, but you won’t land big clients or companies if you don’t have a large readership. However, they will pay you a set amount for advertising on your website, and this is often regardless of clicks and impressions, so it can be a better option than Adsense which relies on both. Although there is nothing stopping you from using a combination of both. There are better options available, though, and you won’t need to clutter your website with ugly ads either.

2) Affiliates

You can become an affiliate for a range of different companies. Amazon is a popular one and being an affiliate means that if anyone clicks on a link you’ve published on your website and makes a purchase, then you get a percentage of the final sale. These are great for integrating into articles that you were writing anyway.

For example, if you are writing about a book then you could put a link to the Amazon page for the book, and if someone decides to buy it, then you get a small amount of the sale. The best way to use it is when you naturally talk about products. You should keep your opinions and articles the same, but integrate these links into them. What you should avoid doing is advertising and promoting these products and not giving your true opinions in the hopes that people buy them and make you some money.

People are smart and can spot a lie, and they will stop visiting your site. Keep everything open and transparent. You want people to want to use your links, but you don’t want to pressure them into doing so. If you get enough visitors and purchases, then affiliates can earn you a lot of money, too.

3) Paid Content

Paid Content

Paid content can be contentious, so make sure the state whether something was paid for before publishing it. The Paid content might be a review that a company has paid you to do where you talk about the product in a positive light and keep your reservations to yourself. It might be an article of a different nature. You can make a large sum from content like this, but you need to make sure that you also do your own usual work as well.

You don’t want corporations to use your website or blog for their own means. Instead, you want to use them for their money and hopefully turn whatever they have paid you to do into something constructive for your readers. If you decide to take on paid content, be careful and make your readers aware.

4) Sell A Product or Service

If you have expertise in something, then you could try and sell that alongside the rest of the work you do on your website. If you publish blog posts, then you could reach out to companies to try and write their blogs for them or try and get published on larger websites. Another good choice is to write an eBook. If you have experience or knowledge in a certain area, then writing an ebook is a great idea.

It can provide a nice drip income that when added to the other monetization methods can really start to add up. Once you’ve written one ebook, it is hard to stop there, and you might find you want to keep writing more. This is great and could turn into a substantial income.

You want to consider what your website or blog is about and what people might buy that relates to that. This might mean adding a new section to your site that wasn’t there before. This might mean using a web builder and you should go here to read more about that.

You should also take into consideration what your current skillset is. If you are good at drawing, then trying to get commissions or having an online store where people can buy your prints is a great idea. If you tug at the ‘what is my site about and what am I good at the thread’, then you are sure to find something worth selling.

5) Sell Your Website

You might not want to consider this, but it is an option. You could sell your website. If your website has become popular, then your domain or the site itself might be worth money to the right buyer. If you can get good and making a popular and worthwhile site, then people will pay for that.

The same is true for creating domains that are worth having. It won’t happen to everyone, and not everyone will even want to sell their website, but the option is there nonetheless.

6) Donations

Online Donations

The final thing that you should consider is donations. People might just pay you for the work that you do because they like it. You can use a third party website like Patreon or accept them via PayPal, but the end result is the same – people give you money to do what you do.

If you can create content that is worthwhile and that people love, then they will want to fund you to make more of it. It might start small, but it could grow into something much bigger. It is free to set up a Patreon or PayPal account, and there is no reason not to have a donation button or section to your website.

You should let people know what their donations are being/going to be spent on, though. This will probably be things like hosting and equipment costs and if there is anything left, food. However, it helps them to know where their money has gone and shows that you care about their donation.

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