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Which is Better? Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product

Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product

The road to internet riches is a not a easy one, it’s full of difficult obstacles and hurdles and mostly some newbies quit this journey even before starting it, if you think that what ever you try online will get you rich then my friend you got the whole “Online Earning” idea wrong.

Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product

Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product:

Every (most) newbies starts their journey from sites called PTC (Paid to click), these sites consume a lot of your time and mostly they give you merely 0.01$ per click and you’re not even allowed to click more than 5 – 10 ads and most of the time a PTC sites not even stays online for a full month before they turn in to scam and run away with the money but as this seems easy for newbie they start with this work and slowly gravitate to earning opportunities likes Blogging, Affiliate marketing and in few cases they go with Product making as well and these two things are the main topic of today.

What Is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing business model is quite a simple one, you pick a product from affiliate marketplaces such as Jvzoo, Clickbank, etc, and you just promote the hell out of them, and if luckily some of your referred visitors make the purchase of this product you get a good amount of commission most from 50% to 75%, though it may seem easy but you’re losing a lot of $$ in the process as well.

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Which Is Better? Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product

What Is Product Creation:

Product creation is almost the same thing, the only difference between this and affiliate marketing is that you make the product and let other promote that product, when they make a sale, you make a sale and you just a pay them a fair amount of commission and you’re good to go, the reason that it is hard for newbies is because they don’t know what sort of product they should make, but what my theory is you can even sell S**t if you promote it the right way with top notch landing pages.

So Which One Of This Better:

This question’s answer depends solely on you, your skills, your seriousness and lots of other things, if you’re having the guts to put everything on a single project of which you have no ideas will succeed or not then Product creations is the way to go, as if the product launch goes well then you can only wonder the amount of money you’ll make, and if you’re looking for something decent, stable and somewhat easy then Affiliate marketing is your best friend.

So, Here we Share Some Ideas for Which is Best Affiliate Marketing or your own Product. Both is a Good But Your Own product is a costly and the affiliate marketing is easy to do. Choose your best and start marketing. if you have any doubt then feel free to ask by commenting below.

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  • So informative article! I think that affiliate marketing is better. What I adore in affiliate marketing that you do not have to spend time and energy making a product to sell. Joining the affiliate program means you sell something as soon as you’ve got the platform to sell it. Take a look at site, there are you will find a lot of interesting information about affiliate marketing.

  • Hi Harshil, backing on your blog after sometime, because due to some time problem I was not able to visit on your blog in the past few days. According to me both are good. But, if someone who is new in the blogging then he must have to use affiliate marketing in the initial period so that he/she can know better how to got success online (specially in affiliate marketing). And once he/she established in this field after that product creation and selling it become a better idea. However, it also varies upon person to person.

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