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Wei Zhe Ming (Miles Wei): Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family & Awards

Wei Zhe Ming, commonly referred to as “Miles Wei” in English, is a Chinese singer, model, and actor who has been involved in the entertainment business for both television and movies since 2017. She started her career in the music industry in 2012. He is one of the most well-known Chinese actors at the moment. Chinese pop singer Miles Wei (Wei Zhe Ming) is a vocalist. After taking part in the 2011 Shenzhen Satellite TV “China Pop Music Golden Bell” online competition, he gained notoriety. His drama series, including “Unforgettable Love,” “Love Bell,” “Dragon Day, You’re Dead,” and others, are among his most well-known works.  You can quickly and easily find out Wei Zhe Ming’s (Miles Wei) basic information on this page, including his biography, full name, nickname, nationality, age, place of birth, date of birth, height, weight, gender, education, career, girlfriend, family, and awards.

Wei Zhe Ming Biography

Bio, Education and Family

Miles Wei was born in Shizong District, Jining, China, on May 23, 1990. As of 2023, he is 33 years old. He is of Chinese nationality and practices Christianity. Her zodiac sign, according to astrologers, is Gemini. Miles Wei, the amazing actress, is 6 feet 0 inches tall and weighs 68 kilograms. His eyes are dark brown, and he has black hair. Regarding his family, Jiang Ping is the name of his father. Wen Pei Yi is the name of his mother. He has also kept his siblings and other family members a secret. After completing his studies in broadcasting and hosting at Tianjin Normal University, actor Miles Wei graduated. Moreover, he has not revealed his high school and basic education.

Miles has a contract with A-RINGS FILM. He likes dessert a lot. He enjoys sipping Diet Coke a lot. This actor prefers coffee to tea. He dislikes consuming spicy cuisine. He is a proficient drummer. He likes Jay Chou above all singers. In the shower, he frequently sings Jay Chou songs. He likes to dance. Basketball is a sport that this Gemini Man enjoys. His collection of basketball sneakers is enormous. He enjoys nothing more than spending time on games. Miles has some anxiety when taking flights. He rides go-karts a lot. He likes both cats and dogs. The Jining man prefers to travel to mountains over the sea. He’d be a Labrador if he were an animal. Miles wants to give skydiving a go. Rukawa Kaede is the anime character he aspires to be. Modern dramas are what he wants to try. His dream woman is a sweet, perceptive woman. He is said to be worth $1 million.


The resources state that Miles Wei, a Chinese actor, is currently unmarried. He was formerly wed to Wang Xiaolan. According to some sources, they started dating while still in college. On October 4, 2015, they got married. However, they were unable to have a happy married life, and in 2020 they filed for divorce. Rumours abound around the romance between Miles Wei and Hu Yi Xuan. Together, they made an appearance in the drama Unforgettable Love.


In 2017, Miles Wei made his acting debut in the romantic miniseries “Love Nagging: Season 1.” After that, he starred in numerous dramas and television shows, including “Dragon Day You’re Dead: Season 2,” “The Endless Love” (2017), “Wait for My Youth,” and “Fall in Love.” He starred in two dramas, “Rush into Danger” (2019) and “Perfect and Causual” (2020). Nonetheless, he became well-known for his play “Unforgettable Love” in 2021. He is well-liked by many viewers in this role.

Since then, he has portrayed the lead in several television shows, including “If Voice Has Memory” (2021), “My Marvellous Fable” (2023), “Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong” (2023), “I May Love You” (2023), “19th Floor” (2023), and “Hello, I am at your service” (2021). In addition to his acting profession, he enjoys a healthy following in the music world. Miles Wei made his professional debut in show business in January 2012 when he joined the male group “Decision Team” and dropped the group’s debut single, “Happy Moment.”He was the champion of the “Decisive Boys” online vote competition again that year.

Miles Wei earns a living by acting and singing, and his estimated net worth in 2024 is $1 million. In addition, he has starred in several box-office hits. His yearly income and pay are being examined. One well-known and gifted Chinese actor and vocalist is Miles Wei. He was the recipient of the first Golden Shark Awards’ Top 10 Rising Stars of the Year Online award in January 2018.

The 2021 Chinese romantic television series Unforgettable Love stars Wei Zheming and Hu Yixuan, with Sheng Huizi, Yu Yijie, Shi Qingyan, Wu Chongxuan, and Sun Sicheng in supporting roles. Qin Ye’s book Mr. He’s Love is Not Forgotten served as the basis for the television series. It centres on Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist, and He Qiaoyan, CEO of Heshi Group. The series is accessible on and the iQiyi app in addition to airing on Mango TV starting on July 10, 2021. The CEO of Heshi Group, He Qiaoyan (Wei Zheming), and a child psychologist, Qin Yiyue (Hu Yixuan), arrange Xiaobao’s (Sun Sicheng) contract marriage at the outset. However, in the end, the logical, aloof, uncaring CEO and the gentle, upbeat, thoughtful, and painstaking psychotherapist fall in love. Wei Zheming as Qin Yiyue’s husband, xiaobo uncle-turned-father He Qiaoyan (CEO of Heshi group). Hu Yixuan as He Qiaoyan’s wife, Qin Yiyue (a child psychologist), xiaobo’s mother, and physician.

The romantic comedy Dragon Day, You’re Dead centres on the amorous relationship between a well-mannered student and the school bully. Recently, Zhang Jing Mei (Hou Pei Shan) moved to the prestigious Ben Cheng School. She has a run-in with Long Ri Yi (Qiu He Nan) on her first day, whose very existence makes his fellow pupils afraid. Long Ri Yi and Zhang Jing Mei haven’t shown signs of vulnerability in front of one another since they first met. The intriguing relationship between Long Ri Yi and her older brother Long Hai Yi (Wei Zhe Ming) and childhood buddy Jin Heng Xi (Huang Qian Shuo) is further enhanced by these two characters. Eventually, the argumentative pair discovers romance in their frequent meetings.

Jiang Changzi, Jin Yubo, Miles Wei, Yang Zongzhe, and Yang Lin feature in Zhao Renxiu’s romantic comedy Love Nagging Season 1. The amusing tale of Aka, a returnee girl with little dating experience, who meets Lu Fan and joins his company in an attempt to court him, is told in the play. There are two seasons to the show; the first debuted on February 21, 2017, and the second one started on September 15, 2017. The amusing tale of Aka, a returnee girl with little dating experience, who meets Lu Fan and joins his company in an attempt to court him, is told in the play.

Chinese romance manhua “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” was painted by Tuo Xiaoxin and colored by Pansi Daxian. It was first published in the Manhua Show magazine from 2012 until the publication was canceled; nevertheless, it was also published on Tencent Animation & Comics. It was animated on Tencent Video on June 26, 2015. More than 120 episodes have been aired so far. It advanced from the group stage and won first place in the final with 35,838 votes in Tencent Animation’s second PV competition. It was temporarily taken down in July 2018 after Bilibili was named and condemned by CCTV. People’s Daily recognized it as the first donghua to receive such high recognition in a Chinese state official newspaper in 2017. The love that exists between spirits and humans is central to the narrative. Classic literary records state that there are spirits in the world, that they will love people, that their life spans hundreds of years, that human lifespans are finite, and that while humans die, spirits continue to exist. Reincarnation is a possibility for humans, although they do not recall their former life’s love after giving birth. For the person who cast the tire reincarnation to remember the love of the previous life, go to the fox spirit and ‘purchase’ service if the spirit is infatuated. The fox spirit role was created, and the work primarily narrates the fox spirit’s journey in the red line process of the former lovers through several captivating,

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