4 Tips to Finding a Solid SEO Agency in Atlanta

Online businesses depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase their visibility on the web. Although there are many marketing companies on the internet, finding a reliable SEO agency is not easy. This is because a majority of them don’t deliver what they promise.

How to Find An Atlanta SEO Company

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In fact, most of these agencies lie to their clients and say that they can cause their websites to rank in the front pages of search results while they know it’s difficult to crack the secrets that are used by Google.

That is just a white lie that they use to lure uninformed clients. The truth is that nobody knows the criterion that’s used by major search engines to rank websites. After all is said and done, it’s the businesses that are viewed the most that record the most sales. Below are some tips that can guide you when looking for an SEO agency in Atlanta.

1) Focus on Transparency

Most website owners hire SEO agencies without bothering to find out the strategies that will be used to bring their products closer to their customers. Although the ranking of websites is still a mystery, there are a few optimization strategies that can earn you good returns on your investment.

You should therefore ask the SEO agency to break down its strategies for you so you can tell whether their services will yield any results. Some of the most common strategies include link building, pay per click campaigns, articles and keywords. A good agency should not be afraid of showing you exactly how they craft your links.

2) Avoid Agencies that Link to their existing Customers

You should never hire an agency that only links to their current customers. Such a strategy will only limit your business. Besides that, their focus on one network only shows that they are not committed to your success. You should give the first priority to an agency that is capable of linking to high authority sites.

This is because such sites are visited by thousands of people everyday. For your agency to be able to link to such sites, they will have to get in touch with the site admin so they can be allowed to publish guest posts.

3) Pay Attention to their Samples

Before you hire an agency, it’s recommended that you ask them to provide a portfolio of their past projects. And since you will not close the deal in one day, you should take your time to analyze their samples. If the samples are crowded with keywords and are linked to ordinary sites, they will do the same shoddy job on your campaigns. You should opt for an agency whose samples reflect on their skills and level of experience.

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4) Ask for References

When looking for Atlanta SEO Companies, you should ask for referrals from family and friends. At the end of the day, you want to do business with companies that have good reputation.

If majority of the people that you ask were not satisfied with the services of a certain agency, you should avoid hiring such a company because there is no guarantee that they will still be able to meet your marketing needs. Moreover, comparing the services of different companies is the surest way of landing on the best deal. 🙂

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