One App, Several Options: How SMS Options Are Changing in Mobile Technology

People and businesses often search for cost-effective yet creative ways to send their messages. Irrespective of what products or services you are offering, it is advisable to keep up with the current trend and think from the recipient perspective to know what SMS approaches are ideal for you.

How SMS Options Are Changing in Mobile Technology

Advancement in technology has changed how people and businesses send their messages. Here is how SMS options are changing in the current world of technology.

Two-way Messaging

Two-way messaging implies that the recipients of a message can reply directly to it. People usually feel comfortable when they text directly to individuals since it is a discreet and personal way of conversing. The two-way messaging is an excellent alternative to voice calls. For businesses, this is a unique way of getting concise information into your customers’ pockets without having to chase them around or making ill-timed calls.

Through the SMS API messaging, customers can read and reply to the messages they receive at their convenience without feeling obliged or embarrassed to respond to someone they do not know. Unlike making a call with a live agent, this messaging option does not put customers or the recipients on the spot but gives them the time to think before they can make any responses.


Schedule SMS text messages

The changes in SMS options have also made it possible for people to schedule their text messages to go out to the recipients on a future time or date. The only thing that is to be remembered when it comes to text-scheduling is that SMS is based on permission, so you should always make sure your recipients have opted in for the messages you are sending and have agreed to an engagement over the mobile platform.

Ask your recipients or clients to subscribe to your SMS alerts using a special field in the booking form. That way, you can be confident that they will not be annoyed by the text messages you send them.


The Multimedia Messaging Service, also called MMS, allows the Smartphone and cell phone users to send multimedia messages to their recipients. This style of messaging is usually based on the SMS. The standard messages of this kind can support videos that play for up to forty seconds, slideshows, single images, and audio clips.

In other circumstances, MMS options allow people to send audio files, contact details, ringtones, videos, and photos using the text messaging plan. The files that are sent through the multi-media messaging option count against the recipient’s and the sender’s monthly data limits.

Being a powerful and an instant communication channel, text messaging or the SMS presents an excellent opportunity for people to develop and build relationships. For businesses, such options develop deep connections with clients that keep them coming back for the products and services offered by the business.

All a company requires is a well-rounded marketing plan and a trusted SMS vendor to provide a full-featured platform that will see the marketing strategy succeed. SMS vendors should also assist you and your business by offering expert advice about the right SMS marketing strategies to employ.

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