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How to Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

As you all know that whatsapp is the most used chatting app in the world and today we’re focusing on how you can use whatsapp without mobile number on your phone so that the person you’re chatting with doesn’t gets your number and for you people i have found a working trick which works all fine on android and iPhone(tested on both the OS). You might love to check out whole guide below and love reading it, don’t forget to share if you found it working for you.

Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

It’s an easy and interesting procedure to use whatsapp without mobile number on your android mobiles and iPhone. This trick is little time consuming which you will find boring but yes when you will configure your whatsapp without mobile number then you will love using it. 😀

  • First of all if you’re currently using whatsapp on your phone then take a backup of your files and images by going into setting and then backup to take a backup of your whatsapp files at once.
  • Now, you need to reinstall whatsapp in your iPhone and android phones to get started with the trick.
  • As you all know that whatsapp ask’s you to enter your mobile number to get a message containing your OTP to proceed the verification of spam, to get rid out of it you will need to turn your phone on flight / airplane mode so that whatsapp is not able to contact with your cellular connection.
  • Now, open WhatsApp Messenger on your phone and enter your mobile number, it will not be able to send message to server and verification will not be done.
Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

  • Now, your verification for whatsapp has not done but still you will see an option of alternative way, click on it and enter your email ID there and click on submit now without taking a minute click on cancel to end verification process.
  • Now you will need to spoof the message. Install Spoof Text Messages for your android phone and Fake-a-message for iPhone.
  • Now you need to go to Outbox and copy the message details, send it to fake verification.
  • Now use the below false details to get rid of verification process of whatsapp and start without using a mobile number in your whatsapp on your iPhone and Android.

## : To:+447900347295 From: + (country code ) ( mobile number ) Message: Your e-mail address 

  •   Now, a message will be sent to this fake mobile number and your verification part will get over and now you would be ready to use whatsapp without mobile number on your android and iPhone.

Whatsapp for PC


Hope you all will succeed in using whatsapp without mobile number on your android and iPhone. Please do make comment and share the post if you succeed and share the experience below.

Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. 😀

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  • I sounds like not without but with the number of someone else, so that this person could read all my messages or am I wrong?