Signs That You Could Be A Bad Leader

Being the leader of a business or team is a big job, and it can be largely up to you how well a team or business performs. If the team or business isn’t performing well or getting the expected results, the first thing you should look at is whether it’s time to improve your leadership skills.

Being a bad leader can have a huge negative overall effect on a team. It isn’t always the team’s fault that they are not performing the way you expect!

Self awareness is key, so it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself and the signs that could point to you being a bad leader.

You Lack Empathy

You Could Be A Bad Leader

Empathy is key to being a good leader. Being able to see things from somebody else’s perspective and offer them warmth is crucial. It also helps to have a sense of humor, as people will find it much easier to relate to you.

You Avoid Confrontation

Not everybody likes confrontation, and it can be difficult and intimidating whoever you must confront. Some people avoid it altogether as they feel afraid it will expose them for their lack of knowledge, but problems rarely disappear on their own. In fact, this could result in a more complicated problem in the future.

You must hold yourself and others accountable for their work, but it’s also important to acknowledge any weaknesses in your knowledge or information you do not have.

You Struggle To Communicate

Communication is key in just about any role, but it becomes especially important when you’re the leader of a team. People cannot read your mind or decipher your expectations if you do not tell them first.

Poor communicators tend to shut down during difficult situations and are unable to get their points across to employees, clients or stakeholders.

A good leader should be able to express themselves through dialogue, email, and other forms of communication. Listening is also a very important part of communicating. Taking an organizational leadership degree online can help with issues like this.

You’re Not Very Good At Making Decisions

Being wishy washy in your decision making is just no good if you’re a leader. You should be able to set your mind on a goal and then make decisions that enable you to work towards it.

You Don’t Have A Great Work/Life Balance

Perhaps you’re working too much, not knowing when to leave the office at night. Being committed to work is great, but working unreasonable hours and putting those expectations on others is not ok.

Work-Life Balance

Maybe you’re stoic and detached on top of this. Don’t forget that your team will want to see that you are a normal person too, with a life and hobbies outside of the workplace.

You’re Not Good At Keeping Promises

Your team will begin to distrust and doubt you if you talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Make sure you only ever make promises that you know you can follow through on. This will help you to establish trust.

You Have A Big Ego

Signs of An Oversized Ego

A big ego can get in the way at work, especially if you show more concerning narcissistic tendencies that many leaders tend to show. You don’t want to belittle others to make yourself feel better, and you certainly don’t want to become threatening if you need something from somebody else. This is toxic.

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