Extend Battery Life In Your Apple Watch

Extend Battery Life In Apple Watch: As you all know that everyone love fashion and especially hand wearable’s are the favorite things which everyone consider about actually they give a classy look to our outfit so everyone loves to wear something cool in their hands. As a wearable apple also introduced their apple watch which was an ultimate smart watch with mostly all features of a smartphone but their was only one problem that is with its battery life which can only give upto 18 hours on one charge but as per usage depending on users it may give even more less backup time. But today here you can find some tips and tricks that can help you improve battery life of your apple watch.

How to Extend Battery Life In Apple Watch

Adjust Screen Brightness

Brightness have great impact on the battery life actually its the cause of most of the battery drainage, its just like smartphones so we should always keep the brightness at low level, mainly there are 3 types of brightness level,i.e., Low, Middle and High.

  • Open apple watch settings in your iPhone
  • open Brightness and Text Size
  • Adjust the brightness according to you.

Removed Unused Notifications

Notifications always help to be updated, it gives a vibration on hand whenever there is a new notification but some unwanted notification leads to battery drainage and its better to turn notification off for them.

Removed Unused Notifications

Removed Unused Notifications

  • Open my watch on your device
  • Select Notifications from the list and disable all unused glances and notifications.

Adjust Volume

Volume on apple watch also consume much battery life so it is recommended to adjust volume or to you can even turn it off and keep on mute.

  • Goto settings then click on Sounds and Haptics
  • There you can view Ringer and Alert Sounds. Tap on the volume symbol so as to disable sound.
  • you can even mute the the sound by clicking on Mute Option.

Choose A Darker Watch Face

Apple watch is designed based on OLED display that consumes a lot of energy so it recommended to use a Darker Watch Face rather than of any color because black pixels utilize very less energy as compared to other color one’s.

Darker Watch Face

Darker Watch Face

  • Choose a new watch face by hard long press on screen of apple watch.
  • Some Faces will be shown from which you will need to select the darker one.
  • Its better to select the modular one.

Disable Wrist Detection

Wrist Detection in Apple Watch detects each and every moment of the user, when the user stops and look at the watch it will automatically show you time and the latest alerts in your smart watch. Its not much considered to extended battery life of your apple smart watch but it will help not to turn on the screen when its  not required.


These were some of the best and the tested way which helped us to extend the battery life of our apple watch hope it do work same for you too. For any queries you can comment below. Share the post as much as you can because sharing is caring and is sexy too. 😛

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