Freight Forwarders Make Sea Freight Easier to Manage

Many businesses that send cargo internationally rely on the efficiency of sea freight. Hands down, sea freight has the most competitive prices in the industry, especially over very long distances. It’s the ideal choice for oversized shipments and is necessary for project cargo.

Indeed, the sea is widely used and vital, but it’s not without its problems. Business owners in need of international shipping face specific challenges that require creative solutions.

Freight Forwarders Make Sea Freight Easier

Hence, they reach out to freight forwarders who can assist with the issues regarding sea freight. UK-based forwarding companies should be ready to discuss the following problems and present tangible solutions to their clients.

Damaged Cargo

One of the most persistent issues with sea freight is unfavourable shipping conditions. Too often, the shipping stream can be harsh. This means that items loaded into containers and transported via turbulent seas arrive damaged attheir destination.

While businesses can’t avoid this 100%, it’s still crucial to minimise the problem. The reduction of sea freight damage is a service a freight forwarder provides.

An experienced sea freight UK forwarding company can develop a crating scheme with the help of a packaging engineer. This approach strategically and systematically reduces any potential cargo damage.

Lost Items

Some shipping companies are like black holes for cargo. Naturally, many businesses are worried when transporting their items across the sea. If you’re thinking about hiring a freight broker, keep in mind that they never actually take over the cargo, nor are they legally liable for it.

Instead, consider talking to a well-established freight forwarder. They can arrange premium crating and take all the necessary action should a package get lost.

A freight forwarder can use sophisticated tracking technology to locate lost items and get them back on track.

High Shipping Fees

When moving cargo across long distances, many shippers choose sea freight. UK-based business owners who want to arrange safe transport of their bulky cargo can particularly benefit from ocean freight.

There is no doubt that sea freight is far less expensive than air cargo, but the prices have also increased. Furthermore, sea freight shipping often offers inconsistent pricing.

The issue is that not all freight companies offer equal cargo capacities or access to key ports. Plus, some will lower their rates significantly to attract clients but ultimately deliver a low-quality service.

Choosing a reliable freight forwarder can give business owners peace of mind about how much they should pay for shipping. Your freight forwarding agent should negotiate with carriers and find the best possible price.

Disruptions on Shipping Routes

When your cargo leaves the seaport, it starts an unpredictable journey. Even if you’ve planned everything to perfection, there is no way to control natural disasters or political unrest.

No one can prevent these events, and they can significantly impact the shipping process and global supply chain in general.

Most shippers don’t have the capacity to handle all the logistics about sea route disruptions and can benefit significantly from the help of sea freight forwarders. Perhaps the carrier had to stop in a different port, and now your shipment needs safe warehousing.

Alternatively, the shipment was unexpectedly detained, and you need to find a solution. Your sea freight UK forwarder should have all the right tools to handle these types of situations.

Transporting Hazardous Materials

Materials such as diesel fuel, explosive gases, or radioactive substances are transported across the ocean every day. The key to the safe and efficient transport of this type of freight is proper packaging and labelling.

Besides, shipping hazardous materials require extensive documentation and knowledge about freight laws and international customs. Companies that move this type of cargo often work with freight forwarders to achieve the best results.

Your forwarding agent can’t be too careful when devising a plan on how to move the hazardous materials across the sea. They will advise you on the best practices, prepare all the paperwork, and arrange safe warehousing.

Optimised Sea Freight Forwarding

These are the most common issues in sea freight transportation, but others require attention. In the future, new environmental regulations will change how sea freight will work, which will be a challenge to shippers and freight forwarders.

Again, the rising cost of sea freight is not something freight forwarders can control. But they can still negotiate the best prices for their clients and make sure their cargo doesn’t get lost or damaged along the way.

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