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4 Types of Content You Can Create to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Attracting visitors to your website may seem like a Herculean task given all the distractions in the world. However, there are some proven ways to attract more visitors to any blog or website. Below are four common strategies used by successful bloggers and website creators.

Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

1] Use Long Tail Keywords

Many people will write article about broad subjects. That because there are millions of people searching for general categories. And the website creator assumes that they can gain a big piece of that massive pie with one general blog post. However, the amount of competition can dilute the audience base.

For instance, if you have a website about hiking, writing a general article on hiking boots will get lost in the mix. However, if the website writer gets more specific, that writer can increase the chance of ranking higher for that specific keyword. Going back to the Hiking website example.

Instead of writing an article about hiking boots, the writer can craft an article about the best hiking boots for people with wide feet. Yes, the audience will be smaller. However, this long tail keyword will increase the chances of that article being read and being valued by the reader.

2] Utilize Slideshows

We live in a world where people are easily distracted. However, articles with lots of copy and content are more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Utilize Slideshows

One clever to create a content heavy article and keep the audience reading is to create a slide show. 2,000 words of copy can be chopped up into 20 slides of 100 words each.

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