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Business Process Monitoring – Aspects & Benefits

The fast pace of global business and financial institutions require critical business decisions to be made in real time. Without accurate information about business processes and infrastructure, it is difficult for managers to make effective decisions and ensure regulatory compliance. The best business process monitoring software provides monitoring technology that enables businesses to quickly identify and implement the most effective corrective action.

What Is BPM(Business Process Monitoring)?

BPM uses analytics to monitor businesses processes and performance. Monitoring occurs in real time with established analytics and the information is provided using intuitive dashboards and reports. There are three aspects of monitoring, functional, process, and technical monitoring. Alpha Insight offers business process monitoring solutions for banks and financial firms in London.

Importance of Monitoring Business Processes

Monitoring and optimizing business processes offers several advantages to businesses of all sizes. Business processes and activities can be monitored in real time and provide information about potential problems and bottlenecks in the company’s infrastructure and processes. This information can be used to take corrective action, identify potential risks, and solve problems before damage occurs. Additionally, businesses can identify and take advantage of opportunities they may have missed in the absence of effective monitoring.

Three Aspects of Monitoring

Aspects of Monitoring


Functional Monitoring

This describes monitoring and analyzing the functional performance of a particular business process. This type of monitoring provides information about the average time taken for specific tasks, sets a target, and provides information about the number of tasks that performed above or below the target that is set.

Process Monitoring

Monitoring processes is done to evaluate the health of processes. This provides information about the average cycle tie for processes, process errors, and the number of processes that are prematurely terminated, and average cost of process cycles. Businesses use this information to improve the effectiveness of processes and reduce errors.

Technical Monitoring

This type of monitoring observes an application’s technical efficiency. This is essential for identifying problems and fixing them before damage is done. This includes things like processing errors, response time, down time, and other factors.

Process Management Software

Process Management Software

Process Management Software

When selecting the right software for business process discovery in London, there are a few factors to consider. Look for software that provides versatile analytics and is customizable for the needs of an individual organization. Look for the quality of analytics, intuitive dashboards, reports, and real time reporting. You want software that will provide the information you need at your disposal when you need it, so you can make effective business decisions and ensure regulatory compliance.

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