How to Play Solitaire Online

Have you been hearing the buzz about online solitaire and wondering how to play solitaire game online?

Loved and enjoyed by millions across the world, the evolution of solitaire from a desktop game to an online game has changed the scope of the game in radical ways.

How to Play Solitaire Online

Here is how:

  1. With the rise of real money gaming platforms, skill games like solitaire can now be played online to win real money.
  2. These platforms also have the option of multi-player formats, which adds an additional challenge to the once solo player game.

In short, adding the element of playing with real people for real money has brought about a new dimension to the card game.

Looking to dip your toe into the world of online solitaire? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Familiarize yourself with the rules

Once you have downloaded an app of your choice to play solitaire and registered with it, the first step is to learn the rules of the game by going through tutorials. Online solitaire platforms like Solitaire Gold offer detailed tutorials on the game. It is extremely important that you know the rules of the game and how it works.

The gameplay would be mostly similar across most platforms. However, if you are new to online solitaire, you need to understand even the smallest detail of the game, which could be slightly different in various platforms.

Here is a quick refresher into the objective and rules of the game.

The objective of solitaire is to move all the cards from the tableau columns to the foundations, arranged by suit and in ascending order from ace to king. When you play online, you will have to accomplish this within a specific time limit.

Here is a  quick look at the rules of solitaire.

There are four kinds of piles in solitaire : stockpile, tableau pile, waste pile and foundation pile.

The cards can only be moved in a specific fashion. Given below are the moves allowed when you play on Solitaire Gold.

  • You can flip cards from stockpile to waste pile. You can flip 1-3 cards from the stockpile.
  • You can move the top card in the stockpile to the foundation pile if it is in sequence.
  • You can move the top card in the waste pile to the tableau pile
  • Face-up cards can be moved between the tableau piles as long as they follow a descending order of rank and every adjacent card is of a different color.
  • You can move a face-up card from the tableau pile to the foundation pile as long as it is in sequence.

Now that the rules are clear to you, here is the second point to keep in mind while playing online solitaire

The real objective is to score more points than your opponent

When playing on an app like Solitaire Gold, time is of essence. Even if you manage to clear all your tableau piles within the allotted time, you still might lose. You only win if you score more points than your opponent. If your opponent player manages to finish the game before you, then the game goes to them.

Technically, the game is finished if there are no more moves that can be made or if the time is up. You can still win the game if you have not managed to move all your cards from the tableau pile to the foundation pile if you have scored more than your opponent.

This leads to the third crucial point to pay attention to while playing online solitaire.

Learn how points are calculated

As mentioned earlier, on apps like Solitaire Gold, time is a crucial factor while playing. You need incredible time management skills. Moreover, when you play online, almost every move has a point associated with it. Your chances of success are higher if you keep an eye on the scoring parameters while playing the game.

For example, if you are playing on the Solitaire Gold app, this is how the points are going to be awarded.

  • You score 100 points every time you move a card to the foundation pile from the tableau pile.
  • You score 20 points when you make a move to reveal a face-down card in a tableau column.
  • You score 20 points every time you move a card from the waste pile to a tableau column.
  • Alternatively, you lose 20 points if you shuffle the stockpile more than three times.
  • You can score points as a time bonus. For example, if you finish the game 100 seconds before the allotted time, you score 100 points.


Playing online solitaire for real money is 100 percent legal in India as it is a game of skill. Moreover, when you play on certified apps like Solitaire Gold, with a rock-solid fair game policy , your money , data, etc. are completely safe.

Quick thinking, practice and time management are a must when playing online solitaire. Other than that, all you require is a solid internet connection and a smartphone or a tablet and you are good to go.

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