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Tips for Finding the Right Apartment

Are you looking to move anytime soon? For many, houses in desirable city locations are unaffordable or not centralized enough, in which case apartments offer a great alternative.

They’re ideal for young and old generations alike, and they’re especially good for those who don’t like gardening or who aren’t fussed about having private outdoor space.

Finding the Right Apartment

Like buying or renting a house, there are a number of tips and tricks you need to consider before signing on the dotted line, some of which are unique to apartments for rent in Indianapolis. Here are some of our top tips for finding the right apartment.

Research the area

Like any property, you need to research the area. There are some cities that are expensive to live in as standard, even in the not-so-nice areas. New York is a prime example of this.

When people think of NYC, they think of Times Square, but there are several pockets that are undesirable, such as Brownsville which has an exceptionally high murder rate, or Downtown where your chance of being a victim of a crime is one in eight. The rent might be lower than in desirable parts like Upper Manhattan, but it will likely still be high because of the NY ZIP code.

No matter how much you want to live in a specific location, always research the area extensively. Learn about public transport, if there are any other cheaper and safer commuter areas nearby, and what the work opportunities are like for future reference. This will bode well when it comes to feeling safe and secure.

Find out what your fees cover

Apartments can sometimes encompass various fees, some of which are lumped into the monthly rent payments. This could include certain bills and utilities, such as water, electricity and trash disposal, but this isn’t always the case.

You should always ask for clarity regarding exactly what your apartment fees cover, especially with regards to maintenance. You shouldn’t have to pay maintenance costs because your landlord will be responsible for them, but you should get written confirmation before you sign anything.

Determine the parking situation

Apartments can house any number of tenants, and depending on the area, most of those residents might have cars. To keep things fair, most apartment blocks will implement parking control solutions to ensure each tenant gets at least one designated spot, and to ensure there’s fair coverage for guests.

In some cases, you may be asked to pay for parking, so this is another thing to consider when asking for confirmation about what your rent and fees cover.

If the apartment is central to a big city and there’s plenty of public transport with no parking options nearby, you might even think about selling your car.

Learn about the neighbors

The last tip we have for people looking to move into a new apartment is to get a feel for the neighbors. You obviously won’t get to know exactly who lives there until you move in, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

You could even organize viewings at different times of the day and on different days to get a feel for what the neighbors’ routines are.

We’ve all heard horror stories about bands living on the floor below and someone who has a tendency to move their heavy furniture around on a daily basis living on the floor above. For most people this is a turn off, so see if you can get in touch with the previous tenant to see what the neighbors are like.


We hope you find these four tips useful for finding your next apartment. Happy house hunting!

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