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An Overview about Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Customer Relationship management helps to manage their relationship with their customer. Customer Relationship Management system provides information to coordinate all of the business processes that deal with customers in marketing, sales and services for optimize revenue, customer satisfaction and customer retention. it will helps to provide better services to the customers and increase the sales.

Customer Relationship Management

The Customer is King of the Market. You heard sometimes the Customer is always right and the customer customer comes first. Today this two words ring more true than ever. because competitive advantages based on an innovative new product or service is often very short lived, companies are realizing the customer relationship strength is always comes on the first.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management Business and technology discipline to coordinate alt of the business processes for dealing with customers. The Relationship between a company and its customers. “The approach of identifying, establishing, maintaining, and enhancing lasting relationships with customers.”

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History of CRM:

1980: Database marketing emerges.

1980: Database helped larger organizations rather then small who only got survey type info.

1990: CRM appears as a two-way communication device.

1990: CRM leads to programs such as frequent flyer miles and bonus points on credit cards.

2000: Internet has helped expand from stagnant database and allows off-site information storage.

2000: Used most frequently in financial services, high tech corporations and the telecommunications industry.

Customer Relationship Management

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Top 10 CRM Manufactures:

Company – Product name

  1. Microsoft – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
  2. Sage Software – SalesLogix CRM
  3. SAP America Inc. – SAP Business One CRM
  4. Parature Inc. – Parature
  5. Entellium – Entellium CRM
  6. Pivotal corp. – Pivotal CRM
  7. Maximizer Software – Maximizer Enterprise CRM
  8. Netsuite Inc. – NetSuite CRM+
  9. Oncontact Software – Oncontact V
  10. ADAPT Software Applications – ADAPT crm

Commercial CRM Software packages range from niche tools that perform limited functions, such as personalizing web sites for specific customers, to large – scale enterprise applications. Sales force automation modules in CRM systems help sales staff increase their productivity by focusing sales efforts on the most profitable customers.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management) systems support direct marketing campaigns by providing capabilities for capturing prospect. So the CRM is a Useful for every company for improve the business quality and improve the relationship of the customer. There are many companies who provide CRM support like Zoho CRM and others.

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