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WhatsApp Alternatives: Best WhatsApp Alternative You Need to Use

If you are looking for WhatsApp alternative apps, then you are on right place. Nowadays, there are number of users who are using the popular messaging App WhatsApp. WhatsApp is compatible with various platforms like android, windows and also in iOS. But for using WhatsApp, the iOS users need to pay $0.99 fee one time, while the android users get to use it for free but just for one year. After that the android users also need to pay $0.99 for the service per year.

If you don’t like using WhatsApp, then you can use some other messaging Apps or WhatsApp alternatives. Here, I will mention the top 10 WhatsApp alternative 2017 which you can use for your Smartphone.

Top 10 WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Your Smartphone

Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Down below I will lists the top 10 WhatsApp alternative messaging Apps, so if you are not comfortable using WhatsApp then it’s time to switch a new messaging App.

1) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook messenger is a very popular messaging App which allows you to communicate with your friends across the World. This App can be used on various platforms like android, iOS and Blackberry as well. So if you are having problem with WhatsApp then Facebook messenger would be great for you.

Download FB Messenger (Android)

Download FB Messenger (iOS)

2) Viber

Viber Messaging App

Viber is an perfect WhatsApp alternative. To identify the users, Viber also uses mobile contact which is similar to WhatsApp. As soon as you installed this App, connect your Smartphone with the internet and start chatting with your friends. This App will let you chat with friends, make voice calls, attach images, etc. Viber is supportable on various OS such as iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, Java, etc.

Download Viber (Android)

Download Viber (iOS)

3) IMO

IMO Free Messaging App

IMO App would be a great choice for you as it has similar features of WhatsApp. This App lets you text messages, attach files, voice calls and the best thing about IMO is you can also make video calls, what you need is just an internet connection.

Download IMO (Android)

Download IMO (iOS)


Line WhatsApp Alternative App

LINE App is very identical to WhatsApp. For connection with other LINE users, this App will register your phone number in its data base. Just connect your device to the internet and start having continuous chatting with your friends. This App also allows you to call your friends for using who are using LINE App.

Download LINE (Android)

Download LINE (iOS)

5) Telegram

Telegram - Best whatsapp alternative app

In Telegram App you will see some extra features which you will not find in WhatsApp. This App will let you to make group maximum up to 200 members, double to WhatsApp and let you send text messages, files, photos, etc. You can also send self destructive messages to your friends.

Download Telegram (Android)

Download Telegram (iOS)

6) Skype


For using Skype you will have to approve contacts similar to WhatsApp before sending messages. This App will also allow you to call for free. Skype is very stable and reliable App, so you can use this App as a WhatsApp alternative.

Download Skype (Android)

Download Skype (iOS)

7) KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger App

This messenger uses your mobile number to create an account. You will get 4 digit verification codes for registering this App. It also goes through your contacts similar to WhatsApp, to find other KakaoTalk users. Here also, you can create group chats, send images, send files, etc.

Download KakaoTalk (Android)

Download KakaoTalk (iOS)

8) LiveProfile


To start LiveProfile App, you will need to enter your email ID and your account will be registered automatically. Now add your phone number so that other users can find you. Through this App, you can send text message, send pictures, videos, etc. This App can be used on various platforms like android, iOS and Blackberry.

9) Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is also a very popular App where they will use your email ID to register your new account. This App is very simple to use and it does do tasks similar to WhatsApp. This App allows the users to text messages to individuals or groups. Kik messenger can be run on various platforms like Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Download Kik (Android)

Download Kik (iOS)

10) WeChat

WeChat App

WeChat is also one of the best alternatives App of WhatsApp. This App is very popular all over the world and it has a very god customer reviews as well. For registration you need to provide your phone number similar to WhatsApp. This App has many features like video chat, voice call, shares pictures, etc.

Download WeChat (Android)

Download WeChat (iOS)

Now it’s time for you to switch your WhatsApp. You can use any of these Cool WhatsApp alternatives on your Smartphone and get a new experience. Do not feel any inconvenient to give your comment below. :)

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