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Why You Need To Use Wi-Fi In Your Office To Increase Productivity

Every minute is valuable in a business irrespective of its size. And that’s when businesses need to find solutions that can help them in boosting their productivity. Wireless networks are one such necessity that you should have in your office to allow information sharing and improve productivity. WiFi enabled office provides untethered access to applications, emails, documents, and other resources.

How Wi-Fi Can Increase Productivity In Your Office 

Use Wi-Fi In Your Office

The wireless LAN allows employees moving around the office without losing connectivity. The employees can work together even if they are on different floors of a building.

Gone are the days with the slow wired internet. Now many internet providers have introduced latest technology to offer WiFi in offices at affordable rates. Now the wireless speeds are in the range of 10 MBPS to 500 MBPS. The internet service providers are working to enhance the speed of the Internet to 10 GBPS. So, you can make use of the power of WiFi to improve productivity and earn handsome returns on your investment.

Though you have WiFi enabled and all the servers and laptops, mobiles and tablets are enabled with WiFi, if the power is intermittent, your employees can not benefit from advanced technologies to boost productivity. However, the smooth power supply is essential for any business to succeed.

Therefore, you should consider investing in technologies to provide smooth power to all of the systems and employees in your office. Let us focus on the benefits of upgrading your office to use WiFi.

Most of the people are accessing the web through WiFi at railway stations, airport, and hotels for business work. The same strategy can be applied in offices too to improve the productivity of the employees.

Advantages of Wi-Fi in Your Office

1) Reply to emails while in a meeting

Reply to emails while in a meeting

You can prevent the employees from using their own mobiles in office for business use and invest in latest mobile phones and WiFi technology to allow faster internet access. The employees can make use of the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop to access the business emails while in a meeting and reply without moving to their seats. It saves valuable time.

2) Wireless printing

Wireless Printing

Another benefit of using WiFi in office is that employees can work on their PCs and take print out of the important documents in a common heavy duty printer wirelessly. They can also browse the internet and fetch quotations for finalizing a PO urgently for immediate production needs. Even the sales executives can take a print from the smartphone on a common printer in a WiFi networked office.

All these tasks can be performed in an office without moving from the current place. A lot of apps are available online that can be downloaded to the smartphone to facilitate printing. You can visit the Google Play to download the app that facilitates printing wirelessly.

Some of the Android apps for wireless printing include HP ePrint, Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy etc. You can also visit Apple Store for downloading the apps for printing if you use an iPhone. It is necessary to select the right app for your printer. You need not maintain a separate printer for every user for printing needs in your office. Therefore, maintenance of the printer is easy.

3) Integration of all productivity tools

WiFi allows easy integration of productivity tools like virtual display screens, mobile payment systems, and iPads. You can simply inform the finance department wirelessly to make an immediate wire transfer online to an overseas company to ship the urgent components overnight.

It is also possible to get a purchase requirement from the materials planning department, analyze the requirement, get the quotes from registered vendors, propose a Purchase order (PO), circulate among all the departments in a short span of time and generate the PO. All of the business tasks can be performed online via ERP wirelessly. Therefore, benefits of networking all of the productive tools and bridging them wirelessly using WiFi are abound.

4) Effective collaboration in Office

 Effective collaboration in Office

If you are conducting business conferences regularly in your office, WiFi enabled office offers immediate communication between the employees in the office and at onsite facilities. High-Speed wireless Internet allows sharing high volume documents for production needs in a short span of time.

You need not spend hard copy of the documents via courier service and wait for 4 to 10 days for receipt at the destination. Therefore, real-time sharing of the documents saves a lot of time and boosts productivity.

5) Save overseas calls

Save overseas calls

You can engage in a web chat with overseas suppliers to resolve queries in Purchase orders and get quotes and order new modules etc in real time. If you live in India, you need not wait for night 10 PM to make a call to resolve the issues in POs. You can solve the issues 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is one the benefits of WiFi-connected laptops to boost productivity and save money.

6) WiFi allows easy expansion

If your business is growing rapidly, you need not make a wired network to provide connection to newly hired employees. A simple wireless router and WiFi enabled computer, and laptop solves the issues. In view of space constraints, if you accommodate employees in another nearby building, you can make use of Wireless LAN facility.

You need to have a leased line for connecting your businesses in two buildings. It saves time, networking costs and boosts productivity.

7) A handy tool for servicing professionals

The wireless networking allows service professionals at the site to fetch the required information from the office and complete the given tasks easily. It eliminates the need for sending a fax to the nearby office and making a visit to collect the fax. Everything is available in few seconds to few minutes. The service engineers can also get the required advice from the designers should a design change is to be incorporated.

The businesses can also make use of latest VoIP technology with existing wireless LAN to reduce the business expenses. The VoIP technology allows sharing voice communication using the existing wireless LAN and communicates important information in real-time. It prevents wasted time and allows accessing important information and attend calls even if you in a canteen or a conference room.

Therefore, businesses can make use of latest WiFi to reduce business spending and boost productivity considerably. 🙂

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