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PayClick Review – Premium Native Advertising Network

With the rapid growth of Internet, the webmasters, as well as the bloggers, have been offered with some opportunities for monetizing the websites or blogs. I work so hard in making our sites relevant. One of the primary reasons is that we aren’t able to find the best way for increasing the profits.

Boost Your Revenue With PayClick Ads

Payclick Review

Though there are some options available out there, we often fail at times. We are tired of placing the ads on our websites which annoy and distracts the readers. But now, you can increase the profits by putting the recommendation widget in a Native format.


Today, I am here with an online native advertising network, PayClick. This system significantly helps the publishers in monetizing the traffic on websites by placing the relevant native ads. I would like to talk in brief about PayClick.

Since 2010, PayClick is one of the top as well as premium native advertising networks which help in creating special projects for all types of website traffic. It significantly helps in allowing the ad algorithms to be relevant, sharp and focused on a single inventory. Using a highly efficient and innovative advertising format, PayClick helps the publishers in monetizing from the websites and advertisers in reaching out to their audience.

Reasons to choose PayClick

You might be thinking that why I am talking about PayClick as one of the best advertising networks over the others. There are some reasons for the same for the publishers and the advertisers.

For Publishers

Because of the new advertising networks coming up with efficient and innovative ad formats, the conventional banner advertising is becoming less effective. And one of the new advertising networks is the content recommendation or Native ads.

We can even see the growing popularity of the content recommendation services because they help in generating higher revenue as compared to other ad formats. The content recommendation services work well on the websites associated with blogging, affiliate marketing or eCommerce. They display the recommended products or content which significantly helps in generating higher CTR (Click Through Rate) followed by higher earnings.

For Advertisers

PayClick is one of the best services for the advertisers as it helps them in quickly setting up the campaign for reaching to their targeted audience. It helps in keeping a watch over the impressions and clicks which have been delivered to the website on a daily basis. Even it offers some filters which help in targeting more audience quickly along with multiple payment options. Apart from this, PayClick provides excellent support to the advertisers’ including 24*7 assistance.

Features of PayClick

Ad Formats

PayClick provides the publishers with the content recommendation and native ads.

Native Format for Advertising

Responsive Ads

PayClick offers those native ads which are highly responsive and can quickly adapt to the screen of any size.

Responsive to any device

Stats Reporting System

PayClick provides the stats reporting system to the users by displaying the information associated with the ads. The stats show the eCPM, total revenue, income, views and CTR on a daily basis.

Track online statistics

online statistics

Minimum Payout and Frequency

The minimum payout kept by PayClick is $20, and payment frequency is weekly.

Payment Options

The payment options offered by PayClick include Webmoney, PayPal, Wire Transfer and Payoneer.

Benefits of working as a Publisher at PayClick

  • Weekly payments
  • 5 minutes widget setup
  • 100% ad moderation
  • Native support manager
  • Detailed stats of the ads
  • Technical support
  • Multiple payment modes

Benefits of working as an Advertiser at PayClick

  • Starting from low campaign rates
  • Receives 162000000 impressions
  • Maximum CTR can go up to 5% and minimum high about 2.3%
  • The target of the campaigns can be chosen according to the users
  • Detailed reports
  • Native account manager


Overall, PayClick has proved that it is one of the best native advertising networks which is significantly helping a lot of publishers and advertisers to earn money. So, if anyone of you is looking for an alternative to those traditional forms of advertising, then you can consider using PayClick Ad Network.

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We all at JustWebWorld hope that this PayClick review turns out to be helpful for all of you in providing sufficient information. So, start using PayClick today and share your reviews with us.

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