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How to Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn from It

The discovery and growth of the use of the Internet helped several people in various ways. Almost everything can be done on the web like communication, research and entertainment. Businesses offering their products and services also have an online presence because they know that in this age, this is critical for their brand as it’s easier to reach their target audience this way.

How to Start Internet Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

One way that they do this is through affiliate marketing. This could also be an opportunity for Internet users to earn online.

How to do Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves two parties. One is the business owner or the advertise who pays other people, called the affiliates, to help them get new clients or sell. As an affiliate, you will be advertising or promoting the brand of the advertiser to help them achieve their goal. In return, you will be paid for your work, depending on the terms agreed on. There’s pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead.

As the term suggests, pay-per-click would pay for the number of clicks that were made on the advertisement. Pay-per-sale would pay you for successful sale made from your referrals. Pay-per-lead on the other hand would pay for the new members that sign up to their site or the visitors you take to their page.

Who Can Join Affiliate Marketing?

Although advertisers may have their own terms and requirements, this is generally open for everyone who wish to earn online. There are sites that would require you to open a specific account in order to be qualified, but these requirements are typically easy to meet. Although it may seem very easy to earn from it passively as you would just be posting a link or banner ad of the advertiser on your site or page, you also need to consider your audience.

How to Join Affiliate Marketing

Join Affiliate Marketing

For instance, if you are marketing a company offering gold services, you would be able to earn more if the visitors on your site are more likely to be interested in it. Say if you’re blogging about investments or savings, you could have audience that’s more likely to sign up for gold services. The chances may be low if your site is about kid’s toys or celebrities since the niche is too far from what you would be advertising.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you have a blogsite or you spend your time on the web most of the time, you could earn extra money through affiliate marketing. Search for advertisers that offer this online. Read their terms and follow their instructions to sign up for the program. They usually have a code and banner that you can use for marketing, which would also track your referrals so they would know what to pay you.

Let’s stick with our gold affiliate marketing example. GoldMoney and BitGold, which are now from the same company, have gold affiliate programs that you could join if you wish to try affiliate marketing in this niche. As we have discussed earlier, you would be paid depending on the type of affiliate marketing offered like pay-per-lead, which is what BitGold offers.

Their affiliate program would pay you from $25 to $35 based on the number of referrals that signed up to their site. People are more likely to be enticed to sign up because they also offer 5% deposit bonus to members who make their deposit within the first 15 minutes of their sign up. The affiliate program from GoldMoney on the other hand is pay-per-sale. Affiliates are paid 25% of the total sales made from their referrals within two years.

Affiliate Marketing Or Your Own Product

There are several advertisers offering affiliate programs that would let affiliates earn. However, be vigilant as well if you’re planning to try this as not all advertisers are legitimate and would pay for your work and effort. 🙂

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