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7 Latest Ways to Make Money Online for Free

Although there are many ways to make money online but in this blog we give you 7 latest ways for making money online.

This article is different from the rest because it gives you seven ways which are very big right now.

The thing about making money online is you have to update yourself every day. You need to learn new things daily when you want to make money online.

How to Make Money Online for Free

How to make money online for free

Ways to make money online

Everyday new websites are being launched. You have to find out some of the best ways to make money online.

It is likely that the new website that you just discovered is far better than the current website you are working with.
Hence you have to update yourself every day.

How to Earn Extra Money Online from Home

To make things easier we give you 7 latest ways to make money online.

Let us see them one by one.

1. Blogging

Blogging is forever, it is evergreen. Blogging was popular then, it is popular now and it will remain so forever.
This is the best way to make money online whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced blogger.

Thousands of bloggers around the world are making money with blogging. Google AdSense program paid over $5 Billion to publishers this year.

They pay every year, so you can imagine this is for real.

A guy who is new to blogging can easily make up to $100 a month for next six months from the day he started.

Later on with some experience you can make up to $1000 per month. There is no limit because you can even make up to $10,000 per month it depends on how serious you are.

So, this should be your first choice.

Benefits of Blogging

2. App Developer

There is huge demand for new apps in the market. Apps are being developed offline as well as online.

Now developers are finding it easier to develop app for their clients online.

App Developer

App Developer

You can develop some of the great apps and deliver it online. You can create an app for Android or iPhone and give it to your clients.

It is not necessary that you have to work for a company. You can work as a freelance developer and sell your work online.

You can find lots of work on sites like Up Work, Rent A Coder etc & make up to $60/hour as an app developer.

3. Make Money from Your Smartphone

You are hooked onto your smartphone. There are certain apps that can help you to make money with your smartphone.

If you download and install them into your phone then you can easily make money.

Here are some apps that you can install and make money with.

Easy Shift – With this app on your phone you have to check for products available in your local store for their bar codes and price. If you do then they pay you anything from $2 to $20 per task, it depends.

Gig Walk – This app is used for verifying things like roads, street, transportation etc. You have to be active while you are on move.

Gym Pact – You have to activate this app while you workout in a gym. They pay you when you reach threshold income of $5 via PayPal.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is Mecca for freelancers. You can find all sorts of freelancing jobs here. Fiverr has been there for a while now and it is here to stay.

You can find gigs that can pay you anything from $5 to $50. You do not have hard time finding a job that suits you. There are hundreds of gigs that you can find at Fiverr.

Fiverr is for real because I know people who are making money with it. In fact, there are many sellers who has hired few people because they are undertaking so many projects in a day.

So go for it.

5. Get Paid To Offers

Get Paid To (GPT) Offers or PTC (Paid to Click) offers are very popular among folks who are new to making money online.

You get paid for just clicking ads on a particular websites. There are many top PTC sites that give you an opportunity to make money online by just clicking on ads.

Get Paid To Offers

Get Paid To Offers

You need to sign up for such websites and start making money from today. Although the money you make is still very less but it is a great way to start.

You can find these types of ways on SureJob which provides free information & training for simple earning opportunities.

6. Coupon Sites

Fifth latest way to make money online is coupon sites. Let us be honest here, coupon sites are for a bit experienced bloggers or marketers.

As you know people now prefer to buy things online from eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc and the customers are always looking for deals and coupons.

So, you can be the one who can provide these coupons to the customers on behalf of big eCommerce sites like Flipkart or Snapdeal.

You can create your own website and sell coupons to customers and get commission from the merchants like Flipkart or Snapdeal.

7. Starting Your Own Web Based Business

That last one is quite generic but it is true. The best way to make money online is start your own web based business.
You can start any business. Let us take the example of coupon sites.

This is one of the best ways to start your web based business.

You create your own website and sell coupons on behalf of merchants. You get commission. Similarly you can sell other products, physical and digital both.

So, starting your own web based business is also an exciting idea.

How to Make Money Using Social Media

These were 7 latest ways to make money online. Don’t be late before train has left the station. 😀

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