5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Smart Device’s Battery Life

The rise of smart devices on our persons and in our homes is undeniable, as is the effects they’re having on our daily lives. Never before has the human race been so integrated with technology, and this connection will only deepen as time goes on.

Get the Most Out of Your Smart Device's Battery Life

However, one of the biggest problems these smart devices are encountering is the power supply. Most smart devices will run on batteries, but due to constant use, these batteries can die quickly, leaving you without access to your device.

Nevertheless, there are some solutions to these problems. Today, we’re going to explore five key ways you can maximize the battery life of your smart devices, helping you keep your devices running day in, day out.

1] Stop Automatic Refreshing

So, apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, can give you the best experience, they love to keep themselves updated as much as possible so every time you sign on, you have new content waiting for you to enjoy.

However, these constant updates drain battery power, especially when you’re not even looking at them. To stop this being a problem, simply turn off automatic updates, or ‘polling,’ and refresh your feeds manually.

2] Adjust Your Brightness Levels

The brightness of the screen of your smart device, such as mobiles on rent, one of the key factors that will define how long your battery is going to last. The brighter your screen, the more power your device is going to use in a shorter amount of time. Instead, dim your screen, and you could gain several more hours.

Adjust Your Brightness Levels

3] Check for Power-Sucking Applications

Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you should be able to log into the device to check what applications and processes are taking place. From here, you’ll be able to see which apps are using up the most power and then take the relevant action of cutting them out or turning them off.

4] Get High-Quality Equipment

The problem with most smart devices is the older the devices get, the older the battery gets and the less capable it will be of holding charge. However, by using modern, up-to-date devices, you can enjoy the maximum duration of battery life.

Even if you can’t afford to buy a device straight out, you can instead borrow or pay monthly. There are plenty of services out there that allow to you rent laptops online, as well as other devices, giving you access to the best of the best.

5] Turn Off Radio Data When Not Being Used

How often do you keep everything on your device? From the data connection such as 3/4G to wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, using these connections at all times is a sure-fire to drain the batteries on your devices.

Instead, once you’ve finished using these devices, turn connectivity off for them to last a whole lot longer. If you want to take things a step further, put your devices into Flight Mode to save even more power.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to boost the battery duration of your smart devices, ensuring you’re able to get the most out of your devices. Be mindful when using them to notice these little tricks to save you power!

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