The 15 Most Beautiful Beaches In Thailand

If you visit the southern regions of Thailand, you’ll find that it is home to few of the most exotic and stunning beaches of the world. Are you someone who is looking for calmness and serenity while strolling on the beaches for your next vacation? Would you like the beaches to be surrounded by caves in green water and limestone monoliths?

Best Thailand Beaches To Visit

Top-Rated Beaches In Thailand

For all these, you have to visit the southern tip of Thailand as that is said to be the beachgoer’s paradise! Unless you choose the right beach getaway, you won’t find yourself being happy in relaxing and spending time with your partner. Here are the names of the 15 most beautiful beaches in Thailand.

Railey Beach

One of the top-most attractions of Thailand is the Railey Beach, which is accessible by a longtail boat as it is perched on a small peninsula.

Railay Beach - Peninsula in Thailand

The Railey Beach is filled with white sand and is surrounded by caves, cliffs, jungle landscapes, limestone monoliths and swimming areas like a lagoon. The stretch of this coast seems to be just perfect for blending exploration of island with beach time.

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Although Nai Harn Beach would possibly get crowded, yet it is certainly one of the most common and famous beaches in Thailand.

Nai Harn Beach in South Phuket

This is located in Phuket and it is revered for its crystal clear water, waves and white sand that are not too overbearing while swimming. The local food vendors and the nearby restaurants make this beach an ideal one for foodies.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay in Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi’s Maya Bay is often said to be the most sublime beaches of Thailand. This beach was turned out to be famous in the hit movie called ‘The Beach’ and there are still several visitors who walk through the beach to match up to the footsteps of Leonardo Di’Caprio. The soft white sands of this curved beach meet the sparkling crystal clear water of the ocean.

Morakot Cave

This stunning Morakot Cave is only accessible from the sea. Through the sparkling waters, there is a small opening in the craggy rocks of Koh Mukh.

Morakot Cave (Emerald Cave)

You just have to swim through this opening in order to listen to the booming sounds of the waves that crash outside and that fill the darkness of the Morakot cave. There are high jagged rocks that enclose the beach waters.

Ao Manao

Ao Manao is called Lime Bay in English and it is an awesome beach that lies close to Prachuap Khiri Khan town. With white sands and spectacular scenery, this beach is said to be a rival to the more popular province of Krabi.

Ao Manao

Ao Manao is a beach that attracts small crowds and you’ll simply love the crescent-shaped beach/ This piece of splendid beach feels like a slice of beach heaven.

Bottle Beach

While Koh Phangan might be a more popular beach for its raucous events and the Full moon parties, the island boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and wild patches of jungle too.

Bottle Beach (Ko Pha Ngan)

Among these, one of the most beautiful beaches is Bottle Beach. This beach is only accessible by boat and its secluded nature keeps the beach serene and peaceful.

Ao Kwang Peeb

Ao Kwang Peeb lies on the island of Koh Phayam and there could be no other enchanting beach like this. This might be a small beach but at the same time it is also an outstanding beach.

Ao Kwang Peeb (Ko Phayam)

There are large rocks that poke out of the water at one end of the beach. The water of this beach is suitable for swimming and offers a cool experience. There is dense greenery that encloses the beach.

Donald Duck Bay

One more striking beach that lies on the Similan Islands is the Donald Duck Bay. This beach takes its name from the way a huge boulder has been formed that resembles the famous Disney character, Donald Duck.

Donald Duck Bay

In this beach, the powdery white sands meet the deep blue waters that are best for aquatic life. The jungle is home to flora and fauna.

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach (Patong)

The crowning jewel on the island of Phuket is Freedom Beach and this is mostly known for its sandy beaches. You’ll either need to scramble down to a steep path or catch a long tail boat to the beach and this clearly means that there are many people who choose to stay closer to the beach so that they find it easier to reach the beach. This beach is also covered by hills and jungle.

Sunrise Beach

Though the Koh Lipe located at Southern Thailand has started attracting more crowds, yet the Sunrise Beach still seems to be an undiscovered tropical heaven.

Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

This beach brags of having the best turquoise waters, white sands and a calm ambience. Spending a day at this beach is no less than a lifetime experience.

Hat Khlong Chao

 Hat Khlong Chao

This is also a stunning beach on the quiet and gorgeous island of Koh kood, Hat Khlong Chao attracts a rather diverse mixture of holidaymakers and travelers. The sea is not only blue and clear but the sands are also white and clean.

Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach - Krabi

Krabi’s Phra Bang Beach is ranked to be one of the most beautiful beaches that you’ll get all over the globe. Catch a long-tail boat from the beach of Ao Nang to gaze at the stunning scenery of this beach. The white sands are all flanked by limestone rocks, towering cliffs and shimmering water.

Haad Puk Tian

Haad Puk Tian

This is an offbeat beach located in the Phetchaburi Province and it has golden sands that are covered by greenish blue waters. The coastal views are lovely and the literary statues are appealing.

Ao Sai Daeng

 Sai Daeng Beach (Koh Tao)

This beach is a perfect combination of soft pinkish pale sands, sparking waters, rugged rocks and off-the-beat track. From here you can visit the Shark Island that is closer to the coral reefs. This is a good place for snorkelling.

Kantiang Beach

Kantiang Bay (Ko Lanta)

This is a remote beach on the Krabi’s Island and it is located within Mu Koh Lanta National Park. Here the golden sands are covered by turquoise waters and there is an old lighthouse that sits on the top of the cliffs. You can also see monkeys walking along the sand.

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