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How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

If you are trying to set your business and you are unable to gather the audience, Instagram can help you with it. People usually consider Instagram to be one of the social media sites and do not realize how helpful it can be at times.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Experts say, that in this age and time the best means to transfer your point to view to the world, is through social media. A word that you post can get spread like a wildfire in a matter of minutes.

This is all possible if you have developed a huge following base. Otherwise, your efforts may get unnoticed. You might be thinking, how to get a massive following?

Here are some easy things that will definitely help you out in gaining a massive following on Instagram.

Use of hashtags

Using hashtags started from twitter and tumblr and then seeing its benefits, the use was spread to the other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. For those who do not use it or does not know its importance, it is an efficient way of sorting things.

When you use a hashtag under a photo, it means that you are categorizing it. It makes it easier for you and your followers to search your old posts up whenever they want. It is important to use the hashtags, but what is more important is that you are using them in the right way.

Make sure, whatever hashtag you are using, you are using it the right way. Just because you want to appear in people’s news feed, you do not have to be irrelevant.



Another efficient way of increasing Instagram follows, is by arranging free give away. Everyone likes to get free stuff, and if they are able to get it by just giving you a follow and mentioning some friends in the comments, they are definitely going to do it.

Stay active

Do not think that you are going to make one post and it is going to get viral. You need to stay active. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get your work noticed. In the beginning, you will have to post daily. Make sure that whatever you are posting is right up to the mark.

Some people think that staying active means that they can post absolute garbage and still get appreciation. The human psyche is quite opposite to that. If people who are following you like your work, they might unfollow you because of one single post.

Also, try to stay unbiased in every situation. Do not get involved in political or controversial stuff. If you think that your opinion can raise problems, it is better to stay silent.

Go live, post videos and stories

Instagram has provided you with a lot of options, avail them all. It is not all about posting a picture. Not all content should be a permanent post. Only post quality content on your profile and rest can go to your stories. Also, it is recommended to go live and have question answer sessions.

It is the best way to have direct interaction with the audience. Keep posting videos too. Videos have more capability to attract the audience than a picture. Recently Instagram has introduced a new feature, that is known as “story highlight”, where you can save your favorite stories.

Collaborate with other people

Now a day, you are going to find an Instagram sensation at every corner. To get yourself noticed, find a person who has a noticeable number of followers, collaborate with them, this way when they mention you, people can know about you too.

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